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We were up, now we’re down

They say it’s a roller coaster.

They are right.

You soar to dizzying heights with elation…

Only to dip into disappointment moments later.

I know it is like this, yet you still get your heart wrenched up and down and all around in the process. Last night we were told that Ana had been approved for participation in the Hosting Program, meaning she would be able to travel here, stay in our home, for 4 weeks over Christmas. Meaning she would be here mid-December. That changes nearly everything. We would have a chance to get to know her. For her to get to know us. It also helps our adoption referral process along. This was a very unexpected twist in the tracks. Just weeks prior, we were told that she would not qualify because she was too young. The younger kids have a hard time understanding the Hosting and it is rough on them to travel, be uprooted, then have to go back. So we thought the possibility was off the table. Until last night.

We were elated, jumping up and down, dancing  in the kitchen with the girls. Matt and I went on #D8nite (Date Night, referenced by it’s hashtag), gushing about moving walls and building a quadruple bunk bed system sooner than we’d planned. Your heart gets invested into an idea of what could be.

The next morning we awoke to an email telling us not to send payment and our application for hosting, as Ana might not be able to come after all.

Plunging down.

They are now saying they are unsure about sending her. She is still so very young, and expressing a bit of fear over flying on an airplane. I get that. Could you imagine being a little five year old girl, being presented with big complex concepts of being put on a plane and sent to another country to a family in a city too far away to comprehend? I would be afraid, too. We are so far away. And she doesn’t know us. And I am sure she has no tangible idea of what this all means other than going on an airplane is scary.

Our adoption coordinator is advocating hard for her to come. It could be so good, and so beneficial for us to have that bonding time with her. So she can know us. And we can get to know her.

So would you please pray for Ana right now? Someone in the next day is making a decision for her, and for us, and we pray that decision will be in the best interest for her. We are praying that God would open the door for her to come if He thinks it would be the best course of action for our adoption process. We are praying that God would minister to her little heart, which has had so much hurt and emptiness, that she would be given hope and care and security, regardless of if she comes for Hosting or not.

We would be so excited to have her here in about 2 months. It would of course mean we will have to scramble, come up with additional funds, and prepare to have her here far sooner than we have anticipated. That would be so exciting. But we are open to what God has planned. Our hearts are invested, as this continues to reveal in the twists and turns of this Journey.

Also, I wanted to give a little plug for the Hosting Program through Project 143. It is an awesome opportunity to love and serve Orphaned Children in a very tangible way to host them in your home for 4 weeks over Christmas or 8 weeks over Summer vacation. It’s like a foreign exchange student, but giving a child who has likely never known what a family is like a chance to experience a life-changing love. Many people find they are not called to adopt, but here is a great opportunity to serve and love on Children in need of care and investment. I would hope that if this interests you, your family would consider hosting a child this coming Summer.

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