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Did you know that through your regular shopping at Amazon you can also help support our Adoption? YES! Any and all Amazon purchases made through our Affilate Link will provide a percentage of the sale to our Adoption Fund. IT’S LIKE THE EASIEST THING EVER! Shop for all your usual stuff AND contribute to our fund at the same time. Buy anything, in any department, and still get free Prime Shipping, case discounts, reoccurring delivery, or Amazon Mom deals. That includes utilizing the convenience of the entire Amazon Marketplace for everything they have- books, food, diapers, music, clothing, electronics… the list goes on. It couldn’t be easier. Here’s 3 easy steps to setting up quick shopping links through our Amazon affilate to support us:

1.) Copy (or click on) our Affilate Link: Matalie-Amazon
There is also a convenient banner to search for products in the sidebar of our blog, right over here ——–>
When you get to the Amazon site, the url should have the phrase, ‘wwwmatalienet’ in it, that way you know a portion of your purchase will get credited to our account.

2.) Save this url to your bookmarks bar in your browser under your quick links which appear right under the url box.

3.) Every time you need something on Amazon, use our link by clicking the bookmark you just saved.

If you are anything like me, a large portion of our household items come in brown boxes printed with a smiling arrow. Cases of Peanut Butter. Cat Food. Lightbulbs. Toilet Paper. Almond Milk. I shop at Amazon A LOT. For every purchase made from our link, we get a percentage once the item(s) ship. The more you shop at Amazon, the higher our percentage will get. And you have to do NOTHING other than what you normally do. Isn’t that easy? We posted it out to some friends as we figured the process out, and they have already started taking advantage of our link. We have made $30 so far in the testing phase! We have also learned a bit about the shopping process.

A few common questions that have come up thus far:

Really, I just click on the link? How do I know you will get credited?
Yup, you just click on the link. There will be no prompting when you check out or confirmation that anything is being sent to us. It’s just like regular shopping. To double check, when you click that original link or bookmark to get to the Amazon Marketplace homepage, there should be the word ‘matalie’ in the url.

Do you see that I have made a purchase?
Yes and No. We can see WHAT was bought, but not WHO bought what. Your name doesn’t appear anywhere on our summary. Just note that we will be able to see if you bought something that should remain… discreet. Unless you don’t mind that we know what kind of underwear our unknown friends will be wearing.

How do you get the money?
Amazon will direct deposit our proceeds into a special Adoption Account we have set up just for Adoption expenses. This will be counted as Income, so we will have to pay taxes on it. But we will also be able to claim this income as part of our Out-of-Pocket expenses and therefore claim it on our Tax Return under the Adoption Tax Credit, meaning we can deduct it all and get it all refunded (up to $13,000 this year and $6,000 next year).

Can anyone use the link?
YES!!! Absolutely feel free to share our link with your friends and family for when they do their shopping. This is not limited to just people we know. Anyone can use it, anytime, anywhere, for anything. Spread the link on Facebook, Twitter, email, wherever!

Have any other questions? Hit us up in the Comments. Interested in setting up your own Amazon Affiliate account? Great step-by-step instructions are available over on Adopt Without Debt.

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