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the Brinton’s met Lana!

My heart is overjoyed this morning with so much thankfulness. The Brinton’s, who are adopting Ana’s sister, Lana, have made it to her orphanage and met their newest daughter for the very first time. What joy! What provision! Please, take a moment and go over to Family, Hope, Love to read how God has brought them this far in their journey and opened so many doors for them. Join us in celebrating the work He has done as well as pray for the work that still lies ahead. Getting to this miraculous place in the Adoption process is HUGE! While I am brimming with excitement for them, it is also a reminder how far we have to go until we will get to travel and meet Ana. I yearn to get to see her face for real, beyond the few non-smartphone cell phone pictures we have received. It is one small step followed by another small step, one foot in front of the other with forward movement. And we will make it. They have made it and we get to glean so much from their path. For now I get to revel in watching the Brinton’s bring one of these sisters home, and share in their joy with great anticipation of when BOTH of these girls will have a family. REJOICE! There is one less Orphan today.

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