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Ana’s FIG Fund is LIVE!

We know deeply in our hearts our family is called to adopt Ana as our daughter. But we cannot do it alone. I know many of you have been asking how you can give monetarily to our adoption efforts. Today, Ana’s FIG Fund is officially live!

We have stepped out in faith, believing that God will fulfill his great and precious promises for this little girl. We’re opening our hearts and family to her. We are trusting that God will provide the resources, favor and all that we will need to complete this adoption. We are asking you to join us, to step out in faith with us, and help our family afford to adopt Ana. And here’s the simple truth: Adoption is expensive. We’re doing everything we can to pare down, save, and earn, so that we can afford the cost of Ana’s adoption. But we can’t do this without help. We need friends, family, even total strangers to join us.

Not everyone can adopt, but everyone can help bring orphans into families.

What is a Fig Fund? It is an Adoption Fund specifically for Ana through Project Hopeful. All donations are 100% tax deductible, anonymous, and the money is not ours – which means it can only be used for Ana’s Adoption costs and all disbursements are done directly, not through or to us at all. This means great accountability and that it is ONLY for her adoption expenses. To donate, click on the link below. You will also find a handy-dandy button on any blog page, over here to the left —-> This button link will take you directly to our Profile on Project Hopeful’s matched families page where you can donate via PayPal.


Plus, your employer may be able to DOUBLE your donation if they offer matching grants for charitable giving. For example, if you work for Microsoft: Go to the giving campaign tool and click on Request a Match. Search for “Project Hopeful NFP” and then under “Purpose” on the form enter “Ana EE”. If you work for another company that offers charitable gift matching and you need help to see if Project Hopeful qualifies, I’m happy to help.
We are asking God to do big things through Ana’s FIG Fund.
This coming week, we are launching a social media campaign asking people to donate. We will be asking and praying that 500 people can donate just $10 each, so Ana’s fund will be up $5000. If you are in a position to give more than $10, go for it. If you can only give $1, go for it. Every little bit counts. So will you give? Will you help spread the word? Will you be a blessing by helping us reach our goal of $5000 by Thanksgiving?

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