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Our Week as a Featured Family!

Today is a very special Monday!!

Today we are this week’s Featured Family on the Fundraising blog

Give 1, Save 1 is a blog to help fundraise for families adopting from all over the world.

It’s really super simple – and that’s the beauty of the idea Every Monday a different adoptive family is featured on and readers are asked to give $1 – just $1 – and then help spread the word virally.

Please go check it out!!

So if you found your way here from over there, WELCOME!!! We are so excited that you have cared enough to click a link and learn more about our Family and our adoption of Ana.

Today we are also launching a week-long giving campaign to fundraise support to help us get through the steep financial costs of International Adoption. The biggest hurdle right now between us and bringing Ana home as soon as possible, is money. I know, it sucks. But it’s not impossible.

Two months ago, we heard about Ana, an abandoned 5 year old girl living in Eastern Europe. Ana needed a family, and the family who is adopting her little half-sister was unable to take both girls, so they asked us for prayer in their decision. God began to show us that He was calling us to be Ana’s family. And the beauty of how He is working in this is that Ana will not only get her very own family (us), but a big extended family with her sister and her new family (our dear friends)! It has been a whirlwind few months as we have launched into this journey to adopt Ana as quickly as we are able.

This is something we honestly never would have thought we’d be ending our year doing. But God, in all His sovereignty has laid it on both of our hearts, at the same time and even gone so far as to confirm it multiple ways. We are moving forward down this path of International Adoption, after much prayer and seeking the will of the Lord. And we know in the deepest parts of our hearts this is EXACTLY what God has asked of us, right now, right where we stand. He placed Ana right in front of us and is asking for us to pursue her and make His beloved daughter our daughter.

Proverbs 24:12
“Once our eyes are opened, we can’t pretend we don’t know what to do. God, who weighs our hearts and keeps our souls, knows that we know, and holds us responsible to act.”

We ask for your support! Mainly emotionally and spiritually, knowing that we have an amazing God, who is our Father and who adopts us into His family. That is where this all starts- knowing that we were created to be His sons & daughters. Adoption is clearly God’s heart. It says in Ephesians 1:5, “…He predestined us to be adopted as His sons through Jesus Christ, in accordance with His pleasure and will.”

Currently we are getting our home study done and seeking God’s timing for moving through the next crucial steps of submitting our dossier to bring Ana home as soon as we can in early 2013. We are assured more and more that this is GOD’S WORK… not our own! Yet we are invited to joyfully be a part of the amazing story he is writing for Ana’s life, and we get great faith to follow in his divine command by stepping out in a direction only God can complete.

Our need is financial, too. Through all this, I keep looking at the pic’s in my email. I see Ana’s face, the hint of bewilderment in her eyes in this series of forced uncomfortable smiles, while she holds an open pink umbrella inside a shopping mall posing for grainy cell phone pictures being taken by a social worker. And she doesn’t know us, or even about us, or what all this is about. Yet, she is our child. What would you do to get to your child, half a world away, alone, sad, confused, hopeless? I would do whatever it takes to get there. We ARE doing what it takes to get to her. But praise God he is not asking us to go about this alone! If we only attempted things we know are possible and with the tangible resources we possess, those around us would not see God at work. He would not be receiving the glory and credit, we would not be growing in faith and trust, and all those around us would not get to experience the joy of seeing our Lord perform a miracle.

So we invite you- friends, family, strangers- to be burdened with us to help us make one little girl an orphan no more. By giving $1, or $10, or $100, or whatever you feel called to give, you will be aiding in bringing a little girl into the love, care & protection of a family. Do know, your social donations are just as important to us. Please help spread our story, our video, our links, and our need via facebook, twitter, instagram and social media. Together we can bring Ana home.


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