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Today, Tuesday morning, Matt’s alarm went off at 5:45. His phone was across the room, plugged in to charge overnight after we returned home super late last night and crashed. I stumble across the end of our bed, bumping over a disturbed-and-now-cranky cat curled into a ball on one corner, and hit snooze. Matt has guys to meet at 6:30; I have kids to get to school in 2 hours. Coming off a 4 day weekend which included a trip to Oregon, Ski training, 3 photoshoots, a sinus infection, and last night’s amazing dinner with sweet friends who are also in this adoption process, the start today is a bit rougher than we’d all like. My kids were 8 minutes late to school, so Mom gets a Tardy for the first time ever.

On one hand, life is super full and stressful.

On the other hand, we are the recipients of so much grace, it is impossible not to be humbled and overjoyed.


Yesterday I think I looked at our first day as a featured family Give1Save1 maybe twice in the morning, set up all the links and posts and events and details to share it out as much as I could. I posted a few reminders and updates during the day. People texted, emailed, commented, asked questions. I replied as I could. By 1pm, we were up to about $600 in Ana’s Fig Fund. Then I was out and rushing around. My phone died. Our friends asked last night what our totals were. I had no clue. We didn’t get home until almost 11pm.

I had thought I would be able to watch how God would bless us. But I didn’t. That was a silly notion- that I would what? sit on my computer hitting refresh? What did I expect?

Honestly, I expected to maybe hit $1000.

We have been given such an amazing opportunity to be a part of give 1 save 1. We have been so blessed by you, who also have a heart for our family, and Ana, and orphans, and adoption, and Jesus’ work in bringing families together through this process.


I am so overwhelmed to the point of tears today. We are thanking Jesus for blessing us far beyond what we deserve. While we weren’t looking, or micro-managing, or hitting refresh, YOU were out there sharing, giving, praying, and being moved by our story. I am floored.

As of 6:00am PST Tuesday morning, roughly 24 hours into our week-long Give1Save1 fundraising campaign, YOU have given a thus far:


Two-thousand, six hundred, thirty-nine dollars and six cents.


That means we are over halfway to our goal of raising $5000 by Thanksgiving! I can’t believe it!


to all who prayed
to all who shared
to all who gave
to all who felt moved by our story

We could not be doing this alone. You are the means and provision through which Ana will be able to have a family. The generosity we are receiving is astounding.

Today is a new day. It’s Tuesday, Day 2. Already our FIG Fund has increased this morning and we have 4 days to go!  If you haven’t already, check out of video feature on!


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