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Ug, sorry!

Our time has been constrained lately. With everything we have going on this season, I just have not been able to find the time to sit and write a blog, e-mail, and keep up with all that’s happening. I would love to have been able to keep this space updated with every little detail, but simply cannot get to it. I feel so bad about it. Some days, I wish I just had a few more hours in my day .

I know many have asked how the adoption process is going. Some have asked if we are still moving forward in light of the Brinton’s situation. The short answer is yes, we are moving forward and are in the tedious ‘paper gathering phase’ and pumping out items on our agency & home study to-do list. Thanks to those of you who have written, asked & followed up with us since I have not done a very good job of reaching out. Please know that I so appreciate you reaching out.

When I stared blogging when I was pregnant with Tallis, I promised myself & the family that I would work to prioritize things so spending time on ‘computer stuffs’ doesn’t take me away from my family. With varying degrees of success  I have tried very hard to stick to that principal. I don’t want my children to grow up remembering their mommy spent more time with her computer than with them. It’s really, really hard to NOT be dependent on an electronic device. I mean, so much of my communication, recipes, menu plans, shopping, planning, adoption stuff, work stuff, etc. is ALL on this screen (or my ipad and iphone). Sometimes the balance is so hard to find, and I have to explain to my girls that the computer is a tool I use to manage our household, but can also be a distraction to engaging with them in REAL relationships.

So in short, what we have been up to:

  • Our Give 1, Save 1 fundraising I am still reeling from. We raised approximately $14,650 by Thanksgiving. That nearly TRIPLED our goal of $5000, which is UNBELIEVABLE and we are truly thankful for the generosity that has been poured out on our family. Currently, the fund is currently at $14,868.77 and I am unsure if some of our agency fees have been already been taken out of that or not (explanation in the next point). Since our fundraising has been SO much more than we could have ever anticipated, we have decided for sure we will be able to take all 3 of our girls to Latvia with us when we travel for the first trip and have to stay in-country for 27 days. This way, we allow Ana to not only bond with us as Mom & Dad, but with the whole family. God has truly opened the door and made the path straight for us to follow in obedience in this adoption journey. We thank you all so much for also responding to God’s call by supporting us!
  • We found out at the end of December that the agency we have been trying to work with never received our contract (or misplaced, as we sent it), and never cashed a check from the FIG Fund, and never contacted us to follow up, and never mentioned anything when we had communication with them. We are still sorting things out and not sure where things stand. I have learned how imperative clear communication and trust is, and we are still processing and working out what our steps need to be from here. You can pray for us in this process!
  • It’s ski season. For those of you who don’t know, Matt and I both work in the Snowsports industry part time teaching skiing. Well, actually, I teach the instructors how to instruct and ski and lead training. It’s something we really love, and our girls LOVE skiing. We’ve been putting in 3 weeknights and all day Saturday’s as a family each week, making life feel particularly full. The kids have been stoked to get to go night skiing every Friday night. But it is making for a pretty busy season December through April with a ton of reward to enjoy skiing together as a family, as well as get to lead others in the sport.
  • Paperwork. There’s a lot. It also included doctor’s appointments, notaries, biometrics (fingerprints), vet appointments, ordering birth certificates, marriage licences, typing up forms… the list goes on. We are pumping this stuff out about as fast as we can. For instance, the Home Study questionnaire is about 22 pages of life history questions, which Matt and I each pumped out in less than a week. That was a lot of writing, and the questions aren’t easy! We are just about to schedule our first in-home visit with our social worker.
  • House stuff. Before we have our in-home visit, we need to button up some home-improvement projects that have been left hanging. There are a few rooms still needing trim & baseboards, window sills, cabinet faces, finishing some electrical, hard wiring more smoke detectors… stuff like that left over from our perpetual remodeling. We spent most of Sunday planning out and designing the bigger project of how to morph the girls bedroom into a functional room for 4 with 2 sets of bunkbeds, more wardrobe & clothing storage, a playspace, and an attic reading nook to ensure they have ample space to grow. It does include moving a wall about 40″, which will be a bigger, messier endeavor but will be worth it in the long run (and is thankfully pretty easy). We will be for sure asking for some physical help with that!
  • We are still hoping we will get through all our paperwork, homestudy & immigration and receive our official referral, meaning we will get to travel, in the Spring. Even with the continual up’s & down’s of the adoption process, we are still moving super crazy fast. We expect the timeline from start to travel will be 6-8 months. It is extremely exciting to check each little item off our list, getting us closer and closer.
  • Adoption is hard. And it doesn’t always unfold the ways we think it will. God’s plan is bigger than ours, and we don’t always see circumstances and situations as He does. I can’t say with certainty that we will for sure be able to adopt Ana, as there is always the possibility He could say NO, it could fall apart in the 9th hour, and the door could be shut. But He has called us to walk this journey, and along the journey He has opened my eyes and my heart and my home to His plan and glory. The process has shown me the heart of our Father God in a real way like I have never known before and made us rely on Him in ways we have never needed to before. Many people have said we are brave, or good, or courageous. Really, we are just trying to be obedient in what He has called us to. And more often than not, obedient doesn’t equal easy. And it’s not about us. I was totally on board with the concept of Adoption, but it has never really hit me in such a profound, tangible way until God got a hold of me and put His heart inside of me. I desire that for other families, their eyes, hearts and homes will be opened, too.


Ok, I have to go do Kindergarten pickup now. Until next time….

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