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Our Adoption has sadly failed

Just letting everyone know. Due to circumstances beyond our control, our Adoption has failed. I may one day decide to publicly go into the circumstances more deeply, but for now, the main reasoning is that Ana is not actually available for adoption. The ugly side of international adoption (and adoption in general) is that truths and transparency are hard to come by. Weaving of fabricated tales, being strung along on hopes and false promises are all too common. The layers of information and telephone played between orphanages/social workers, the countries, the agencies and all involved often becomes too muddled by the main driver of international adoption — money.

Are we disappointed? Yes.

Are we thankful these issues came to light before we moved farther down this road? Absolutely.

Do we get our money back? Nope.

Will we pursue another child and adoption? No.

Not at this time. We have already been shown too much. To many, the adoption industry has proven to be a corrupt and broken system, but we don’t like to talk about it in those terms. We tried to tread carefully. But not carefully enough. The center of adoption is Loss. Deep, true loss that will never be filled. To lie, cover truths and feed half-truths to lure willing families’ hearts so the multi-billion dollar industry can be fed with more ‘orphans’ is, at it’s core, reprehensible. It becomes no more than a cunning cash exchange posing as altruism. Just because success has come to some, does not warrant the world to shut its eyes to what is done behind closed doors. So we cannot and will not more forward with another child. Even though we have been (once again) ‘matched’.

She will always be on our hearts. I hope one day, she will be a part of a family who cares for her needs and unique circumstances. Through no fault of her own, the traumatic story of her early life has not only been exploited (falsifying as to her benefit), but those pulling strings continue causing her (and families like us) to be at the loosing end.

I’m sorry the end of this Adoption Journey was not one of celebration.

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