Happy November! Did you know that November is National Adoption Month? This coming Sunday is National Orphan Day. So what does that mean for you? Is it going to simply be another mark on the Hallmark Calendar, or can we actually DO something to make it more than just public awareness or a banner we stick up on our Facebook wall for a little bit? Can we step out from behind our computers and actual[...]
My heart is overjoyed this morning with so much thankfulness. The Brinton's, who are adopting Ana's sister, Lana, have made it to her orphanage and met their newest daughter for the very first time. What joy! What provision! Please, take a moment and go over to Family, Hope, Love to read how God has brought them this far in their journey and opened so many doors for them. Join us in celebrating th[...]
Did you know that through your regular shopping at Amazon you can also help support our Adoption? YES! Any and all Amazon purchases made through our Affilate Link will provide a percentage of the sale to our Adoption Fund. IT'S LIKE THE EASIEST THING EVER! Shop for all your usual stuff AND contribute to our fund at the same time. Buy anything, in any department, and still get free Prime Shipping, [...]
They say it's a roller coaster. They are right. You soar to dizzying heights with elation... Only to dip into disappointment moments later. I know it is like this, yet you still get your heart wrenched up and down and all around in the process. Last night we were told that Ana had been approved for participation in the Hosting Program, meaning she would be able to travel here, stay in our [...]
"You've really never had a Passport before?!?" The lady on the other side of the plexiglass divider raised a questioning eyebrow at me in disbelief. Her eyes glanced back down at my printed out paperwork and birth certificate laying out on the counter between us, finger resting on my birthdate. I am pretty sure I know what she is thinking. Yes, I am 30 years old and have never traveled outsi[...]
We have received such an outpouring of love, support and prayers since we announced our Adoption Plans exactly a week ago. Thank you SO much for your words, care and desire to help! We are floored, speechless, humbled, and often in tears (well, at least I am, Matt holds it together better than I do) at reading your emails and Facebook comments. THANK YOU. Also, I’ve received a few questions and th[...]
Facebook Status updates: 21:29 I just lost my buzz. good thing cause I'm going to Oscar's for some more drinks  21:46 soaking my leg cramp in the jacuzzi 23:28 I think if I was drunk all the time, I would be the funnest person ever! 0:45 beers. then sleep  1:00 let the beat drop. I'm so 3008 Initial news release: Monday, July 27, 2009 Driver weaves through lanes before dying in fiery cra[...]