Preview of process

I have a background in visual design and communication- be it Architecture, Photography, Graphics, Art, whatever. I in no way consider myself an expert in any of these fields, but can do a fairly decent job when given time and reason to do so. Overall, I think it is a really fun expression of design sensibilities that allows me to stretch my thinking in new ways. I also have a staunchly set and op[...]
Homemade baby food, that is. We are a pretty hands-on family, can't you tell? And yes, I do a fair amount of making my own baby food. My dedication to this task has waned as I have progressed from the first kid down to the third, there is just less time and sadly simply less drive to expend the effort in this department. I think by now I pretty much have it down to a science and it doesn't feel[...]
05:15 :: Wake to a barely rising sun, move through a still and quiet house laid out with preset piles of ski clothes and bags in their expected positions, awaiting the inevitable bustle of what is about to come. 05:30 :: Start making breakfast. Actually, scratch that. Start making coffee first, then preparation for baked eggs and toast follows after I set the water on the stove to boil. The p[...]

Pia post

A bit more than 8 months, we are just about at a turning point for Miss Pia. Crawling with abundance, rather, dragging her lower half all over the house, frantically scooting after her older sisters. Mobility has opened up a whole new world of participation with these two other little creatures she is fascinated with. Just this week she has started pulling herself up to standing, mostly on my le[...]

Things for today

April 21st is Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry's, details and locations can be found HERE. We might try to get out this afternoon to the Greenlake location. Today also kicks off the Gospel Coalition conference in Chicago, which will have a live webcast starting at 2pm Central time (that's 12 noon Pacific) and the link to the live feed is HERE. If you follow along at Twitter, tweet or search #gcnc[...]

It's, um, Tallis

Sweet little Tallis, with her raspy voice, hair constantly in her face, peeking out at me through wispy blond strands- "Mom, picture me?" She runs to the chaise lounge, ready to pose for my camera, often completely inappropriately dressed (read: no clothes), as she and Araiya push each other off the chair, fighting over who's turn it is to get pictures. Tallis has just figured out she can pos[...]
Spring has indeed sprung! We are loving: The bright, warm sunlight on little faces Beautiful 'Blow Flowers' No socks and white linen skirts Going for sunny walks and pulling sisters in a wagon Flying high in the blue sky and laying down for an afternoon outdoor rest.
Mothering. Something I continue to both long for and dread. I just look at the task ahead and feel overwhelmed at times with raising these three girls.  I find myself riding the waves like a buoy, seemingly with little control, tossed about and bogged down with this enormous task of training up a child.  At times I feel as if I’m drowning, but I have to stop and realize, rather REMIND myself at [...]