Burst of sun

Right before dinner, nearly completely unexpectedly, the sun burst through and warmed our backyard up just enough to enjoy some low warming rays. It's pretty amazing to see how much the girls are enjoying the yard. Araiya sang songs to her Apple Blossoms. Tallis made meticulous piles of rocks, dirt and flowers. Matt dug at something. Mom took pictures. While we ate, Araiya begged to eat out[...]
We made the decision this week to go ahead and completely revamp this blog. I mean completely. I have expressed my disappointment and growing realization that this site is having an identity crisis, how I feel it is constrained in it's current state and really just needs to be relaunched. There will be a lot of freedom in it's new rendition that I am really excited for. This is my (near) daily cre[...]

Easter '09

Easter Celebration, finally upon us. More than fluffy bunnies and cheap candy. A day of unbelievable rejoicing and celebrations. We have a lot to celebrate this year as a family, as a part of something bigger. My heart bursts with joy today, confident in the risen and living Jesus who is the real focus of the day. A day with far more inference than simply coming to an Easter show; It's about the[...]
I have been going though the logistics of skiing with Toddlers. Constantly we are asked the burning question "HOW do you do it?" as we have spent at least one day a week at the mountain with 3 girls 3 and under. The first post can be found HERE. This is installment #2 :: Clothing and Gear. We have found the big, essential keys to making skiing work is being adequately prepared. If the kids are un[...]


Update on the teething/nursing front: Pia's top two teeth have poked through, though we only had one really rough night while the second was cutting through (it seemed to take a looooong time). However, the nursing issues haven't gone away. Perhaps it is simply the duration this has gone on, or that it is now compounded with the biting, but I have come close to throwing in the towel several time[...]
"But Mom, it's MY long swirly skirt. It's a purplish-winey color. It's slilky." Actually, it's my one good Lace-trimmed Silk Slip from Victoria's Secret, tucked under a Teal tank top and finished off with a Pink belt. "But Mom, Princesses wear it!"
Warmth was fleeting; today we are back to overcast. A few lingering images from the past few days of our Backyard Escapades:  1.) Our front window, which faces east, welcoming the sunrise and warm rays deep into the living room; 2.) Lunch on the deck; 3.) Araiya playing with an umbrella; 4.) Blossom Buds on one of the fruit trees; 5.) Planting seeds in a new toy, one that was int[...]

Morning crepes

These last few mornings have been wonderful. Spring has sprung. Or at least providing a little teaser, as the forecast calls for rain Wednesday-Thursday. Our days have been nearly 70 degrees of glorious sunshine beckoning us outdoors. Saturday we skied (it was awesome), Sunday we were in the backyard all afternoon, Monday we hit up multiple parks (I even got a bit sunburnt). Today is more of the[...]
6:30 AM, 2 girls climb in bed with me. "Cuddle with Mommy!" (while bouncing on my head) "I hungry" "I didn't sleep well last night" "Make cookies for breakfast?" "I wanna go to the park" "Pia awake?" (no, but be quiet so we don't wake her!!) "Take picture my butt?" "I'm ready to get up now" (I'm not) "I'm hungry" "We going skiing today?" "Cookies?" "Me PINK skis" "I don't like pink an[...]

Happy weekending

I am hoping ours will be quiet and low-key. The kids have been a little sick the end of this week, Pia is cutting a tooth and we could all use some good recuperation. Our only excitement has been the abundance of Birthday crazies, which I am ready for a break from. The only exception I would take to rest would be taking advantage of a Date with my Hubby. My fingers are crossed Matt and I might g[...]