Tallis is officially 2! Our April Fools baby, though we did some serious celebrating for her Birthday yesterday. Birthday Pancakes in the shape of a '2', complete with Candles. Daddy Date with lollipops. Pink Jelly Beans, lots of presents, and of course, the awesome Cake! I can't believe she is two. She's become such a little girl, so full of thoughts and imagination that she can articulat[...]

Knock knock

The girls' version of a knock-knock joke: Them: "knock knock" Me: "who's there?" Them: "ME!" Me: "me who?" Them: "banana-hanna!!" (cracking up with fits of laughter) 4 seconds later Them: "knock knock..."

Have your cake...

Tallis' cake, pulled off as a success, despite unnecessary setbacks which took place yesterday. I finished up the decorating this morning while Tallis is out on her Birthday Daddy Date (and going to the bank). She, of course, has been begging for cake all morning. Even at breakfast, already quite aware this is HER day, saying "cake, cake? Daddy date? cake?" The baking process started off with[...]

One of those days

Do you ever have days when it seems like your head is just not screwed on straight? Those days usually start off fine, everything seems up. Then you get closer to the end and everything falls apart, leaving you to wonder at which part of the day your ability to reason and complete certain simple tasks was shut down. External stresses make it worse. For me, we had a great morning with some friends [...]
  This little girl turns 2 tomorrow! Can't wait. I've been banished from the 'puter for a while (Matt has been working from home pretty much every day so my fun blogging gets trumped by his real work), but have plenty other stuff to attend to. It's Naptime, so Araiya and I are off to bake a Birthday Cake while the little girls sleep. The camera will be close by, hopefully I have better results th[...]

Dissed Figure

I'll admit I can be an impatient person. Many times, I would rather just skip to the end, arrive at the destination, get where I am going. Yet I very keenly know and simultaneously revel in the process. But just because I KNOW things doesn't mean I always readily accept them. I KNOW Pregnancy is a time of transition and some very major body changes. I KNOW you can't expect your body to immediately[...]


We Follow is a user-powered Twitter directory utilizing tags. I just added myself under #photographer, #portrait, #christian Having some serious furniture lust over DoubleButter via DesignMilk Converting InDesign layouts to Microsoft Word, usefully useful on SwissMiss Apparently my Portfolio site is somewhat live... at least the parts I have actually worked on and added content to. Long ways to[...]

Proud Mama Day

Araiya is just over 3 1/2 and this past Saturday, she rode up the Big Black Chairlift (Armstrong/Chair 1) at Alpental for the first time. Then she skied, ALL BY HERSELF, just about all the way down (we carried her on a few steep pitches). Then she not only went once, but FOUR TIMES. This Mama is SO proud! She has been asking to ride the Black Chair, but stating doing so was for bigger kids and s[...]
I know I haven't talked much about the 'work' and 'business' side of things on here much. By training, my hubby and I are both Architects. By practice, he uses his degree and I... well, I have a very expensive piece of paper signed by the Governator. I do use my training and accrue a few select billable hours alongside Matt, sometimes dabbling in conceptual design, but mostly utilizing my streng[...]