Far more abundantly than all that we ask or think. That line has stood out to me this week. Immeasurably more. Where do I even start? Honestly, words have escaped me time and time again. In conversation at school, or the coffee shop, over the phone, on facebook. I just stand there, mouth agape. Unable to form coherent verbiage that in any way shape or form MIGHT be able to even scratc[...]
Today is a very special Monday!! Today we are this week’s Featured Family on the Fundraising blog Give 1, Save 1 is a blog to help fundraise for families adopting from all over the world. It’s really super simple – and that's the beauty of the idea Every Monday a different adoptive family is featured on and readers are asked to give $1 – just $1 - and then he[...]
November, already. We just elected a president. Ski season officially starts this weekend. The first quarter of school is about to end. I'm planning my Thanksgiving Menu. In Adoption news, things are rolling down the track. In the past few weeks, we have signed our way through a small mountain of paperwork. I know this is just the tip of the iceberg, there is so much more to come. We have signe[...]
  Let me tell you a story about how God is working. This story started almost exactly 7 years ago. Life is not a series of random circumstances and chance happenings. God orchestrates all things and works all things out for our benefit and His Glory (Rom 8:28). Those who have been in Christ for any length of time bear witness to how God orchestrates things and we are often floored a[...]
We are really excited to launch our first opportunity for you to support our Adoption through Natalie's business, Natalie G. Photography. We are offering a weekend of special Mini-Sessions, from which all the profits will go directly to our adoption fund. This is a great way to get Family Photos taken right in time for Holiday Cards and Christmast gifts. Plus, you are helping to cover our adop[...]
I am really bad at keeping secrets. And holding onto this one for nearly a month has been really, REALLY hard. We are going to have a 4th child. But no, I’m not pregnant. So. Here we go, the big announcement: WE ARE ADOPTING A 5 YEAR OLD GIRL FROM EASTERN EUROPE And.. ummm.... Let’s just sit here in awkward silence for a minute while I gather my wits again and we will let this sink i[...]
Wow, it has been over a year and a half since I last posted here. Honestly I did not intend to let this site go defunct. But hey, life happens. And my abilities to keep up regularly blogging have obviously slipped. And it hasn't been a high enough priority to devote the time and energy to write & post images. It was  the images that made it super time consuming. Especially with the last templa[...]
It's amazing how much the absorb from their experiences and the activities of their parents. This morning I came out of the shower to find the girls waxing their skis in the living room. Granted, they were just rubbing the solid hot wax bar along the bases, which doesn't quite do the trick, but good enough for playing 'Ski Instructor' in the living room. I had to grab my phone & take some vide[...]

January. Hello, Goodbye.

It is hard to believe the first month of Twenty-Eleven is almost over. I really didn't intend to take a break from blogging, in fact I intended to post more, but life has that silly little way of becoming very full and overwhelming whether or not you're intending anything. I have a tendency to try to make my plate into a platter. I will multi-task all day long in order to feel productive but often[...]