Looking ahead, seeing what is ahead for how this space will serve our family. New stuff to come, changes, improvements. It was also a pretty major undertaking and loads of work to take on, but I cannot tell you how much it has paid off. I love the new site. I love that it coincides with this time of year because I start to lay out my summer calendar and it most definitely includes a few mini break[...]

Sunshine on the inside

Why is it that something as simple as sunshine streaming in the windows makes playing inside so much better? Oh wait, maybe it just makes taking pictures of us playing inside so much better. And gives me an excuse to bust out the wide-angle lens so I can lie here, on my back, getting pictures of kids clamoring around me, down on the floor at their level, capturing what I imagine[...]

May Day

The first day of May. Spring is finally here. The early mornings, filled with sunlight and warmth, stretching into the later, lighter evenings. The day entailed doughnuts, walks, flowers, and playing at the park. It was Wonderful!

That's quite a face

Can I just flat out laugh at this child? I mean, seriously. This face is hysterical. It started out with Pia chomping her front four (and only) teeth together, which made her look slightly mad. I say slightly mad because in actually it was mostly silly. So we laughed. I think now our laughter has spurred her on. Now she does it ALL THE TIME. These shots I got last night after dinner when s[...]