November, already. We just elected a president. Ski season officially starts this weekend. The first quarter of school is about to end. I'm planning my Thanksgiving Menu. In Adoption news, things are rolling down the track. In the past few weeks, we have signed our way through a small mountain of paperwork. I know this is just the tip of the iceberg, there is so much more to come. We have signe[...]

Help Haiti

It is hard to understand the severity of need in Haiti. It can almost seem like a distant dream. There's been a huge response and outpouring from our communities in giving. There's a sense that the selfish issues in our lives is irrelevant when compared to what is going on in Haiti. Yesterday our Church showed a special video made less than a week ago by one of our Pastors who spent less tha[...]

Fall Mini Sessions

I though I would post this here simply because a.) my photography biz doesn't have a fully functional blog yet, and b.) A lot of you Seattle locals I know have asked about this. File this under shameless self-promotion: It’s that time again! The dates for my Fall Mini Sessions are set. For those new and just tuning in, Mini Sessions are an annual promotion. A day full of short 20 minute portrai[...]

Creative lighting

Perhaps you would be interested in a refreshing point of view on life's smaller subjects, such as Gems and Champagne. I wanted to share this ring shot from a wedding I shot last night. I know the majority of this blog is just my personal images of my family- most shots are random, haphazard and unplanned. That is actually nearly the opposite of how I was trained as a photographer. In a studio [...]