This is a shout out to particularly Beth over at Give1Save1 who was very informative and helpful in preparing for our featured week on her blog, and also to all those who follow the blog and all who shared the video!  God is so good to knit his people together in love and community, and we have felt that more than ever in the last week!  We just wanted to say thank you! http://vi[...]
My heart is overjoyed this morning with so much thankfulness. The Brinton's, who are adopting Ana's sister, Lana, have made it to her orphanage and met their newest daughter for the very first time. What joy! What provision! Please, take a moment and go over to Family, Hope, Love to read how God has brought them this far in their journey and opened so many doors for them. Join us in celebrating th[...]
2010 was indeed a year of extreme highs and lows. Accomplishing goals, marking milestones, coupled with disappointing situations, setbacks and even injury. For me this will be a year of great low & great change. After emerging through a months long, near health-related breakdown (something I never want to experience again), I now feel physically better than I have in years. This year for me is[...]
It's that time of year again- when children's heads are filled with visions of dancing sugar plums and well-designed gifts they may receive. I got quite a response to my gift guide last year, so here you go again. Below you will find a visual compilation of beautiful, functional and aesthetically pleasing things broken up in the categories of Want, Wear, Need & Read for both adults and kids. I[...]
Five years old. Can you believe it? Araiya has been counting down the day of her Birthday for the past 364 days. The day before her Birthday this year, she started informing me what we will be doing for her 6th Birthday. At one point, she wanted a 3-tiered cake decorated with a Tiara, Flowers, Butterflies, Jewels, Hearts, Sharks, Turtles, Princess AND Ballet Girls. Her ideas exceed her maturity le[...]
Natalie turns 28 today. Twenty-Eight Years. Today, she's thinking thats pretty old, and that is good. Why? Because she thinks she's really pretty young. At heart, that is. My wife is the fountain of my youth, and I am very grateful for her. Despite all that has happened in her 28 years, she remains dedicated to enjoying life and playing hard. Trust me, that is despite a lot of distractions[...]
I can't believe we've gone from here: to here: Pia is adorable! Her rambunctious, outgoing, comedic, always smiling personality comes out more each passing day. She cracks us all up with her antics. I can't believe she is already 2. Time flies when you're having fun. Now all we have to do is potty train her, sell off all the diapers & we'll be totally out of the 'baby' phase... [...]

Daddy's Day

They say the way to a man's heart is through is stomach. I can attest to the existence of this elusive 6th Love Language- feeling love by means of Food. Surely it's obvious Matt feels cared for in many other ways, but there is utter enjoyment found in making special treats for him as I have managed to find a very amazing guy to marry who happens to gobble the vast majority of what I cook right up[...]
29 years ago today Matt was born. 29 years. That means only ONE left until he hits that big, daunting mile marker of 30. Somewhere inside of me still thinks 30 is old. So here is a glimpse back into the 10 years I have known Matt. One more year and we will have been together in our teens, twenties and thirties. I still haven't figured out exactly how I feel about turning 30 in two years, thou[...]