Mt. Hood Wedding

I have a secret to confess. I like Weddings. For a long while, my Wedding was the only one I had been to. Growing up I only remember going to One. Who knows why. The only Wedding I had been in was my own. Then I started shooting weddings. They were all very different and unique from the typical 'norm' often presented in the glossy magazines I was somehow suckered into purchasing when I was plan[...]

Matt's 28th

May 25th was Matt's 28th Birthday. A significant year to mark, most notable for me as this Fall we will have known each other for an entire decade. Basic easy math for me, adding 10's. It also signifies his march around the calender getting much closer to hitting 30. I still remember when 30 was considered 'OLD'. We're also closing in on his 29th year, when we will have been together for a Third h[...]