Ana's Adoption Financials It seems that everyone who adopts, whether internationally or domestically is plagued with varying information, duplicate fees, and the challenge of accurately determining expenses for the process to be completed.  We've moved very fast in the process and made quick decisions too, which further exasperates that.  But in a call to be good stewards, also with the money tha[...]
Our girls are always cracking us up in how they explore this amazing world they live in. We were at Mt. Hood, OR this weekend, and it seems they had more fun in the parking lot outside the condo building than anywhere else. Praise God for kids being kids! Pia On Ice


You've shown us how God does big things with so little. Three days ago, we started asking for $1... JUST ONE DOLLAR. And now He has multiplied that again, and again, and again, and again. We are getting so close to our fundraising goal and having our agency costs covered! We are so blessed by your generousity.... SO BLESSED! TOGETHER, WE  ARE  GOING  TO  BRING  ANA HOME!


Yesterday, we were FLOORED. Today, we feel SMALL.   Because GOD is so BIG. I [M] got home at a normal time yesterday from work and found the house quiet and not in a state of disarray (which has been the new normal), and was greeted with a smile and a kiss.  Good start of the end of the day! The girls had cleaned up their rooms and toys and books and schoolwork and were being rewarded [...]
A couple weeks ago we took the liberty of staying at a friends house in Hyak for the weekend. Friday afternoon Skiing at Alpental. It snowed about 4 inches in 45 minutes.  Matt took six laps up to Bills Bowl (little hike above Ingrids) and taught Friday night live and dug out the yurt before it collapses, and cocoa and sauna for the kids. Managed to plow the impreza out the driveway and down[...]
Natalie turns 28 today. Twenty-Eight Years. Today, she's thinking thats pretty old, and that is good. Why? Because she thinks she's really pretty young. At heart, that is. My wife is the fountain of my youth, and I am very grateful for her. Despite all that has happened in her 28 years, she remains dedicated to enjoying life and playing hard. Trust me, that is despite a lot of distractions[...]
I've been Thinking for the past several weeks. Obviously, I mean thinking more than usual, more than actually doing, which is evident that my last post was almost three weeks ago. That's right, I'm a thinker.  Often I think I'm doing, but really, I'm just thinking. I'm doing "imaginatively". So, I started thinking about but what our family should be doing this summer, and then I began to thi[...]
The long awaited release of the fundamentally new website regarding our life and activity is finally up and live! We have spent countless hours honing the concept, graphics, code infrastructure, technology implementation and content organization for this new expression of our lives together. BIG thanks to Philip Soares for helping big-time on the code markup end. Its nice to have a modern-mu[...]