Our girls are always cracking us up in how they explore this amazing world they live in. We were at Mt. Hood, OR this weekend, and it seems they had more fun in the parking lot outside the condo building than anywhere else. Praise God for kids being kids! Pia On Ice http://vimeo.com/53597279
A couple weeks ago we took the liberty of staying at a friends house in Hyak for the weekend. Friday afternoon Skiing at Alpental. It snowed about 4 inches in 45 minutes.  Matt took six laps up to Bills Bowl (little hike above Ingrids) and taught Friday night live and dug out the yurt before it collapses, and cocoa and sauna for the kids. Managed to plow the impreza out the driveway and down[...]

Bainbridge Island

When we first moved to Seattle Matt worked on Bainbridge Island for about a year and a half. Every day he rode his bike down to the Ferry Terminal, got on a boat, and spent 35 minutes crossing Puget Sound. As far as a commute goes, riding the ferry that serves beer and has free wifi is not bad at all. Way better than sitting in a single passenger car in traffic. As a new mom, there were many days [...]

Lake Chelan

A few weekends back we were invited to cross over the Cascades to the Eastern side of the state and go camping with some friends in the Lake Chelan area. Quickly we came to a new understanding: This is where Summer really lives in the Pacific Northwest. Yes, I've been to the Tri Cities & Spokane areas and often chide Matt how much his Hometown is akin to Reno/Sparks, Nevada, a place of sagebru[...]
It was such an easy decision. Flying to a wedding in California- with the cost of airfare on 4 seats, hauling 3 car seats, paying extra for checked bags, renting a car, getting to and from the airport- somehow all of that seemed so much more difficult than just driving to a wedding in California. Not to mention cheaper. Besides, this allowed us more time to get away, to make this into a real vacat[...]
This is not going to be an "I've been a bad blogger" rant. In fact, I've done that too many times before. In fact, I'm far too easily irritated when someone hasn't blogged in three days and those kind of posts come across my feed reader. Honestly, there's this thing called LIFE. It gets in the way sometimes. Wait, maybe I should recant that. It's all the stuff we try to cram in on top of th[...]

Ski, ski, ski!

It's no secret we love to ski. Thankfully it's a passion we've passed on to our girls. Some days it seems they could ski forever and are reduced to tears when we force them to leave. Commonly we get the pity looks crossing the bridge back to the car along with the comments, "oh, poor thing, she must be cold and tired." On the contrary. Saturday Araiya made the keen observation during her protest a[...]

Warm Winter

For those of you around Seattle, you would attest this is an incredibly odd Winter. We've had Sun. That's right- SUN. Quite a divergence from the typical photon-deprived season the Pacific Northwest is prone to. For those of you elsewhere who've been hit hard this Winter, my apologies. Having said that, I can't really complain. We've been to the parks, the zoo, the backyard, had the windows open, [...]

Port Townsend

This summer has been the summer of what I have dubbed, Mini-Cations. Small little ventures that are long enough to take a breather, but far far shorter than a vacation or even weekend getaway. It has totally changed my perspective on Vacations. I've found I like smaller, shorter trips with more frequency and variety more than bigger trips which tend to be fewer and farther between. The latest inst[...]
It looks like we are making this Camping trip to the Ocean an annual thing. A week after Pia was born, I decided for my Birthday I wanted to buy family camping gear so we could go enjoy the great outdoors. A huge tent, 4 kids sleeping bags, and a two-week old- we headed out to Ocean Shores, Washington at the end of August last year. This year we hoped to bring along more families. But apparently s[...]