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.. Stuff to catch up on. My track record keeps slipping. Down, down, down. Now where to start? Do I even bother to backlog? Or do I leave out the parts (and excuses) like how Tallis started Puking in the Chip Isle of the grocery store last Monday? And how a little more than a week later Araiya Puked all over the couch this Tuesday? And how in between we have been braced, ready for the inevitable[...]
Two days of skiing. Two FULL days of skiing. In a ROW. In a season that has felt more like spring skiing through the months which normally see the most snow fall, Friday and Saturday's fresh accumulation (30") was a welcome sight. Combine that with amazing sunny skies, it almost felt like a Tahoe day. Everyone else who ditched work to head to Crystal Mountain on Friday agreed. Matt had planned t[...]
Where I have been browsing around the internet this week: 10 Privacy Settings Every Facebook User Should Know Writing for Bloggers: A Quick Guide to Style, Substance and Strategy (link to PDF file) Getting things done with Twitter article and the ones I am exploring: twitterfeed, easytweets, HootSuite Blogger's Code of Conduct What the Font for the iPhone Why you should love Google Reader as[...]

Frost on the Pumpkin

I don't know where that saying comes from. Regardless, we have had some cold, frosty mornings. I love the subtle dusting of crisp white. It's beautiful.


Sunday we were transported far, far from Seattle, to a land of sun and warmth. Or so you would think. The last month we have experienced some extremes, to say the least. Our freak snowstorm and now, weeks later, our freak January Sun. Of course we can't just sit around and let it waste away, we and nearly every other Seattle-ite exited their premises to fill up the parks, beaches and walking tra[...]
It's exceedingly rare to encounter a day in which the fine line between total chaos and excellent outcome is walked with incomprehensible results in the positive. And even more rare is for ME to get in a good ski day. Our first day, all FIVE of us up at Alpental ALL day long absolutely ROCKED. It couldn't have gone better, though we leaned very nearly to derailing into utter craziness on multiple [...]
I wanted to share two items I bought while in Portland. I have a thing for well designed, meaningful objects and often times can't help but pick up a few little items from places we go. The first is this sweet little postcard printed on Birch Veneer of a 'corny raccoon' from Night Owl Paper Goods. I love how it is this great combination of modern whimsy combined with a great materiality. Of cour[...]
Vacations are a weird thing. It seems this is an area we have struggled finding an appropriate balance in going somewhere and doing things that combine appropriateness, rest, activity and escape. Pre-kids what 'vacationing' and 'getting away' looked like would be totally inappropriate with three kids. We also aren't real traditionalists, as going to a resort like Disneyland or buying a vacation [...]