We rang in the new year with another family, parents barely awake, with a $6 bottle of wine from Mom & Pop's Grocery in a swanky hipster hotel room at the ACE in Portland linked over the baby monitor with our 6 girls sleeping all together in a room down the hall, hoping all the real hipsters partying out in the street wouldn't wake them up. It was one of the better New Year's Eve's we have had[...]

We're off

We leave tomorrow for a bit of rest, a break from the norm. I am really looking forward to the next four days we get to spend at the ACE Hotel in Portland, especially the time as a family both with just us and the other people we get to meet up with and spend some exciting time exploring Portland together. We are traveling with another family, meeting up with another, as well as relatives and addi[...]
SNOW!! More and more of it. This makes me so excited. By Monday we had about 12 inches on our back deck, and a burst of Sun to go play in the fluffy white stuff. Even now as I type, large white flakes are heavily falling to the ground, leaving us with an additional 3 inches. I am so looking forward to having a White Christmas, my third one EVER (yea, I know that sounds weird, growing up in the m[...]

Snow Days

Saturday evening it started spitting snow. Sunday we awoke to a few inches. Now I know that isn't much, where I come from the snowbanks are often over my head by this time of the year. But for Seattle, snow that sticks around is a rare treat (or a huge inconvenience, depending on how you view it).  I love it. This is my element, my sense of normalcy. 45 degrees and wet makes me cold, unable [...]

Tree hunting

We've had success! Saturday we spent the morning hunting wild and elusive Christmas Trees. In past years, we have come to expect this endeavor to be quite the adventurous task. So we tried to prepare- snacks, lunch, extra gear. Mostly, we set a date to go really, really early in the season- the weekend after Thanksgiving. And I think that made all the difference. The Forest Service sells you [...]
We're not.  But I found a new awesome baby name tool. Check out What a Lovely Name. You can search by disposition, origin, or names already taken by offspring of celebrities. Very visual and well designed site, that's for sure. I wasn't able to find the three we chose, so thankfully those are still safely protected from hoards of copycats who might spur on a sudden increase in naming popularity t[...]

Family- November

Last weekend we swapped family photography with some friends (he's an aspiring photographer), since each of us tend to have lots of photos but very few our whole family together. I really love taking photos, but really hate having my photo taken. Regardless, I sucked it up and we had a blast. There are some good ones of us, though it is still awkward to be on the other side of the camera. I, of [...]
For what a dreary day it ended up being, my morning walk to Tougo's at 6:45am was beautiful. The sunrise spread pinks oranges and yellows across the sky infiltrating into the deep blues and black shadows of the darkened city. The hues and vibrancy was just amazing, and no, these images haven't been enhanced, they are actually straight out of the camera. I couldn't help but appreciate the spectru[...]

Fall Sun

Wow have we been enjoying the sun this Fall. The last few days have been almost downright warm. Not that I am complaining. Quite the opposite, in fact. We have been out and about enjoying it while it lasts. The park has always been a favorite, even now for the littlest of us, who has taken a sudden interest in watching her older sisters frolic around. I have tried really hard to just revel[...]
The true highlight of the visit to the In-Law's last weekend that I talked about in the last post was hands down the town's annual Sausage Festival. This event has been affectionately talked about since Matt and I first met, eliciting immature giggles from me at the very mention of Sausage Feast. Up until now, I have never actually been to this, and I was glad our kids have gotten the chance to [...]