A weekend spent away from home, caught up in an odd mix of hectic and low key. Crazy in the sense of long car rides with screaming children who are overly-tired to achieve a visit that lasted less than 24 hours then packing back into the car with screaming children who are overly-tired and now hyped up on a month's worth of sugar and fast food. Low key in the sense that we got a good chance to h[...]

Mr. Sun

Sun, sun, Oh gloriously shiny sun! Hasn't the Seattle weather been fantastic? It actually feels like a real Summer, only about 2 months late. We have been outside every day for almost a few weeks now and it looks like this pattern will hold at least through the weekend. For us that means parks and walks and backyard and outdoor fun. So glad the nice weather didn't call it quits at the end o[...]
What a beautiful weekend! It was wonderful to get away and oh so rewarding to spend time as a family enriching the experiences our girls will have growing up. We had such fun. All three girls were great the entire weekend and it was so awesome to see the older girls enjoying every minute of our camping trip.    And did I mention it was beautiful? The coast was just breathtaking Friday[...]


Off on our last "Summer" weekend Hurrah. Beach camping at the toes of the Olympics. I think I am more excited than the kids. Hip, hip Horray!

Weekend Wedding fun

We filled the weekend with many activities, the highlight being Samantha & Jonathan's Wedding Saturday Evening. Araiya loves wedding, though she has only been to One, which was nearly a year ago now. She loves them because she knows they involve Dancing. And she has a Party Dress to go dancing in. Dance she did. And eat, and run around the grounds at the winery, and look at sheep, [...]
For my Birthday I asked that we take a family camping trip. We have only been twice since having kids, which is sadly pathetic for two people who used to escape to the backwoods trails every chance we could get. One time was car camping the other a short backpacking stint. In our idealized world, we would still be packing it all in, doing crazy trips (like our beefy 60 miles in a day and a half [...]
Matt took Araiya out this morning on a very special 3rd Birthday Daddy Date this morning. Before they left, I bestowed upon her a 'Princess Crown' with hearts, since she has been asking for Princess dress-up clothes for the last few days. When Matt asked her what she wanted to do on her Daddy Date, she said get Candy and Lollipops and Cake and Chocolate. Matt had some other ideas on what to do.[...]

Saturday Swim

See? Deck. New deck. Cool deck. Time for Pool Deck. Air Compressor improvisation. Handy man with a vision. Speedy realization. Water filling. We'll be awaiting. Do a little dance for celebrating. NPR job radio blaring. Cold toes. Toddler toes. Too much fun for chilly temperature woes. Water fun. Sunny fun. Cow and Cheezy fishy fun. Goal achieved. Mission accomplished gr[...]

Style Quiz

I'm still here -- still pregnant. Stumbled upon this fun UK design quiz yesterday where you select the images that best suit your style based on the prompted questions. My style is "Retro Chic" -- "Your home is sharp and modern, but with a nostalgic nod to an idealised world in the not-too-distant past." Pretty spot on, especially the few parts where I am told I am "surprisingly masculine" (not[...]
Ok, so I'm a conformist. In the last few weeks, about 5 different people have gushed at how great Amazon Fresh is. How impressed they were with the quality of the produce, freshness of the meat, convenience of having groceries delivered to their house. I started thinking it might be a wise thing to start doing after the baby arrived, it would take a lot of pressure off to make grocery store tri[...]