Non-stop. I feel we are just going and going. Busy is an inadequate description. Perhaps more of an excuse, it feels at times. One thing ending rolls into another beginning; one thing continuing feels never ending. I have to see past the layers of bold colored bubbles which make up my Google calender, hardly a way to feel organized at this point. Plus we have all been perpetually sick for nearly a[...]

Fun in the Sun

We've enjoyed the bit of sun the last few days and attempted to take advantage of the rays, even though it is still a bit on the cold side. Cruised out to Alki Beach in West Seattle and ate lunch by Puget Sound. The sun on the water was beautiful and the girls so much enjoyed getting out and being adventurous.

Lions vs. Lambs

End of the first half and it seems the GreyNastyWetCold continues to have a strong hold this month. Editing photos this morning reinforced these fluctuations of polarity in weather. This is a taste of Yesterday, when we spent the afternoon at the park. In the sun. A far cry for the dreary dripping of rain down our windows today. When is this going to be over already? I'm just getting [...]


What was like? Life devoid of saturation. Now, watching nature wake up with buds appearing here and there, bringing color gradually back with it, replacing dull gloomy unsaturated hues. A precursor to that wonderful fresh green of new leaves that seems to light up the trees when the sun shines, and the blossoms of fresh white and pink blanketing the now stark branches, tiny petals gracefully flutt[...]

We saw it..

Did you? Araiya's intrigue in watching the latter part of the lunar eclipse was surprising. I thought she would be rather disinterested. She sat on the chaise lounge in the front window with Matt for nearly a half hour saying over and over, 'the moon's coming out.' We caught the last part of the eclipse, as there were some low clouds shrouding the moon rise when the full eclipse was happening. [...]

Lunar eclipse

Don't miss it TONIGHT! Hopefully it will be clear enough after dark. Here on the West Coast it looks like we will catch the show after the Moon has entered into the Earth's Shadow. More info via NASA here.
Can it be? We seem to have emerged from the gray abyss of winter. This weekend has been an utter departure from wet, cold, cloudy. It marks the return of the sun. It has been such a stark and obvious change which permeates all our activities and outlook on the day-to-day. And let's all hope it holds. Friday I took the girls downtown, in pouring rain, to replace my driver's license, which Araiya[...]

A Hunk

Thursday Matt and I were standing in the kitchen, talking, when something in the backyard catches my eye. A beautiful Hawk had found a picnic spot in the grass to munch on it's squirrel lunch. Araiya calls it a 'Hunk'. Enthralled, we watched for 10 or so minutes as the bird tore into the carcass, hopped onto the fence, then perched itself in our tree to watch over the remaining half of it's catc[...]


8 days into the New Year already. And I thought things might slow down. Guess I was wrong, as things are set to be utterly crazy the next few weeks. My goal is to simply keep up. Don't think though we have been slacking or anything. Our celebratory getaway to Downtown was great. The ACE Hotel I would highly recommend. We had a deluxe room with this awesomely huge pivot door into the bathroom, a[...]