Yes, we finally got a tree. I am not quite coping with the fact Christmas Eve is on Monday. Besides my denial, we are on a crash course towards the Holiday. Today's adventure, which we thought would be an easy half-day escapade, turned into an all day, grueling, frustrating, anticlimactic, anger-inducing marathon. We really just started off on the wrong foot. Late in the game, obviously, and [...]

Uncle Kwevin

Had a great weekend, though far too busy. Thursday-Sunday was a blur as once again we tried to pack too much in. We got to see Uncle Kevin, which was a highlight for Araiya. She was pretty intent on going in Uncle Kwevin's Twuck to get a Chwistmus Twee. Araiya is quite taken with the Truck. To her (and our) disappointment, his new Nissan Frontier's rear seats are unable to accommodate a carseat.[...]


Saturday and Sunday I was slated for clinics up at the Summit at Snoqualmie, but the resort was not slated to open. We were told we would be on snow regardless, hiking. Hiking for two days of training. I was overjoyed... Thankfully, when Saturday rolled around, they had enough Instructors clinic's they were able to spin two lifts. And it was bluebird skies, almost a Tahoe day. Coverage was okay,[...]


Yesterday about 1:00 in the afternoon, while on the phone with my mom in Truckee lamenting their lack of winter, small specks of white started spitting down from the sky. Those specks became bits, those bits flakes, those flakes chunks until huge silver-dollar sized masses of snow began pouring down onto the city. We leaped for joy, giddily running about the house shoving on snow gear, running o[...]

F.A.T. snowshoeing

Family Adventure Tuesday's (F.A.T. for short) continues on after a long hiatus. (In my best newscaster voice) This week's forecast is calling for a series of snowstorms hitting the mountains through next Sunday. The Pass was closed briefly last night and the snow level dropped below 2000'. Accumulation up to 10 inches in some areas. There was a break in the front this morning. A perfect opport[...]
My sister was in town a few weeks ago and we took her down to the Olympic Sculpture Park on a near perfect Fall day. I think the park in it's entirety is really wonderful. More so I appreciate each of the facets of the whole- the individual sculptures, the pathway, the vistas, the beach, the bike path. The firm who developed the park did an excellent job of stepping back and letting Opportunity [...]
Snow Lake Trail from the Alpental Parking lot, chosen due to the event of the first dusting of snow on the Summit. Our hope was to get to some snow, but the weather turned and Araiya decided she wanted to hike rather than ride in the pack. Our pace slowed to the speed of a distracted toddler, eager to pick up every rock, look at every yellow or orange leaf, and point out every bit of moss along [...]


Bapples = Bad Apples, according to Araiya. And we have a plethora of them now composting. Seems like such a sad waste, we could have made so many pies and apple sauce. But the poor tree is so distressed it produced an overabundance of fruit, which it has been dropping since mid-summer. The apples have also fattened every bug, bird, and raccoon within a four-block radius. I am sure our newly ex[...]
A glimpse of what we've been doing: Matt has been taking a half day on Thursdays to go on family adventures. The last few we have been graced with beautiful weather. Last week we went to Discovery Park in Magnolia. Great day to enjoy the vistas watching the boats cruise up and down Puget Sound. It was a very easy hike down to the South Beach of the park, nice trail and thankfully not too many p[...]