Summer Daze

Whoops, took a bit of a blog break there. Things have been hectic to the point of doing ourselves in. We have needed some time to inwardly reflect and recoup. While things haven't completely calmed down, we have attempted to lay a bit low. Tallis is getting some teeth and is fast approaching 5 months. Araiya turns 2 on Sunday. My birthday is on Monday, Araiya tells me I am two as well. All thr[...]

Fun things

Since my old Hard Drive is nearly toast and I haven't yet tried extracting things off of it yet, I have been trying to reconfigure (read: redo from brain memory) all of my personal settings (read: ALL my Bookmarks and Feeds) in Firefox. In all honesty, they needed to be gone over and weeded out anyways, no excuses or anything, and this has become a nice convenient way of doing so. In the process, [...]

Name that fruit

Our mystery fruit trees in the backyard are beginning to reveal some secrets: Pear Another Pear? Apple Plums (..or maybe Apricots??) Well, if it looks like an apple, and tastes like an apple, it must be an apple!

Officially Summer!

Memorial Day weekend marks the official start of Summer. Thankfully the weather has cooperated! We got an extra long weekend we filled up: Matt's Birthday :: Date night :: Sharing a bottle of wine at la Spiga :: Homemade Breakfast burritos I was told taste like Jack in the Box's :: Hiking Commonwealth Basin :: Scott's burger-stand in North Bend :: A fall out of the booster seat resulting in[...]

10 minutes

Breakfast took place in a grey void this morning. Our loft, which often times feels so much like a tree house, was enshrouded in dense fog; we could just make out the forms of trees and rooftops. In the 10 minutes it took me to upload photos to flickr, the blanket had burned off to another crisp blue sky day. I revel in the dynamics of the changing environment around us. Perhaps our perch u[...]