Wow, it has been over a year and a half since I last posted here. Honestly I did not intend to let this site go defunct. But hey, life happens. And my abilities to keep up regularly blogging have obviously slipped. And it hasn't been a high enough priority to devote the time and energy to write & post images. It was  the images that made it super time consuming. Especially with the last templa[...]
2010 was indeed a year of extreme highs and lows. Accomplishing goals, marking milestones, coupled with disappointing situations, setbacks and even injury. For me this will be a year of great low & great change. After emerging through a months long, near health-related breakdown (something I never want to experience again), I now feel physically better than I have in years. This year for me is[...]
Natalie turns 28 today. Twenty-Eight Years. Today, she's thinking thats pretty old, and that is good. Why? Because she thinks she's really pretty young. At heart, that is. My wife is the fountain of my youth, and I am very grateful for her. Despite all that has happened in her 28 years, she remains dedicated to enjoying life and playing hard. Trust me, that is despite a lot of distractions[...]
4 more shopping days until my Birthday, people ;-) Of course it takes staring down the barrel of rounding into my 28th year to get all contemplative. Yes, I am turning 28. In some regards that may seem young. In others, getting older. To me it mostly marks getting closer to the far bigger milestone of 30. Which has got me thinking about what other things mark that milestone in my life, what thi[...]

Eve of time

Here we sit on the eve of a new decade. 2010. Is it Two-Thousand Ten? Or Twenty-Ten? The Tens? Or how does one quantify the past decade? For me, this will be the third instance time has rolled in quantities of tens. The first marked turn of a decade I was in Second grade; the next, I was on the eve of graduating from High School. The year 2000. Y2K- the future was upon us and I was an integral [...]

Gearing up

I can't believe how fast Saturday is come upon us. I know, I still have another full day to get ready, but bigger picture- Where did September go? More importantly, looking through the itinerary for this trip and the weeks to come- Where did October go? I feel like I am already looking at November. Maybe that's beside the point. Regardless, we have 10 full days planned in travel, and more importan[...]
The long awaited release of the fundamentally new website regarding our life and activity is finally up and live! We have spent countless hours honing the concept, graphics, code infrastructure, technology implementation and content organization for this new expression of our lives together. BIG thanks to Philip Soares for helping big-time on the code markup end. Its nice to have a modern-mu[...]