I believe this is an adequate representation of what our life is about to become. For one, I am due any day now with kid-0 #2. The chaos that will ensue with having a newborn and a 19 month-old is almost unfathomable. Parenting will continue to be one of the biggest and most rewarding challenges I will face. One that is a bit more familiar is what is depicted in the photo above- Remodel. Bui[...]

Etsy front page action

Esty has been such an awesome resource for beginning to sell some stuff that I have been making. I am always inspired and humbled by the level of craft and professionalism I see when I browse around. Although I have only had a shop for a number of months and have only sold about a dozen items, I have conversed with so many unique and cool people from all over. My work has gone to California,[...]


Someone requested a shot of my growing belly. Here it is accentuated in the convex pan which oddly resembles the morphing shape of roundness I am becoming. Perhaps you can also see Matt's inquiry as to why I was taking a break from doing dishes to photograph dishes; he wasn't seeing what I did. And in the spirit of bringing a bit more variety into these pages, here is my other favorite color: [...]
I have had several changing reactions over the last few days from Allison’s recent post, it has really been mulling around in my mind. Beyond the initial feelings of disappointment for Al and disgust of the fraudulent blatant copycat, as the comments have piled up I find myself reacting to many different aspects of this whole mess. Allison was the first blogger I actually had a real conversation[...]