Somebody's 4

Even crazier than the Baby turning 1 last week- Araiya's Fourth Birthday is today. How did the time fly? How can she possibly already be 4??! Exactly 4 years ago, exhausted from more than 2 days of labor, we were signing the paperwork to proceed with the C-section. I can still feel the waves of anxiety, fear, fighting, anger and resentment in making that decision, feeling like [...]
The previous post was all pic's of Pia as a newborn. Fresh out of the oven, so to speak. I will always remember her like that in those images. Baby Pia. But oh my, what a year does. Now she's Miss Hilarious Personality. 85% of the time, calm and serene, perpetually happy. The other 15% she is a little firecracker. Her facial expressions are so much like Araiya's. She wears whatever sh[...]

Pia's One

Pia has turned ONE! Such a mix of excitement, celebration and joy tinged with a bit of sadness, nostalgia and endings. I can't believe a whole year ago, we were wrapped up in the utter turmoil of whether or not to proceed with a scheduled C-section. Even sitting in the hospital bed awaiting surgery, listing to the rhythmic beeping and mechanical functions of the fetal monitor projecting the echos[...]

Blue Angels 2009

This is our 5th Summer living in Seattle. 5 years, and we have never actually been to SeaFair. With really young kids, who are easily frightened by the loud noises associated with Jet engines, going to watch the Blue Angel's show has been a very, let's say, unwise activity to attempt. This plane and air show buff would LOVE to go sit along the lake for a front row seat. Better yet, sit in a boat d[...]
I've been Thinking for the past several weeks. Obviously, I mean thinking more than usual, more than actually doing, which is evident that my last post was almost three weeks ago. That's right, I'm a thinker.  Often I think I'm doing, but really, I'm just thinking. I'm doing "imaginatively". So, I started thinking about but what our family should be doing this summer, and then I began to thi[...]

State of the garden

An update on the backyard, though I talk about it a lot since we have been spending so much time back there and all. Also I realize I haven't done any Before and After comparison from what the back yard looked like a year ago and the whole process of the work we did (and here, here, here). It's pretty crazy to look back and see the changes. Now things are growing. And GROWING! Squas[...]
It’s early evening, and a cool night. The usual routine has been to put the girls down and go out back to water the garden. I’m sitting in the backyard, contemplating how much my lifestyle has changed in these past 4 years. As I look at my dirty feet in flip flops, I wonder when exactly I traded my aspirations to achieve something, that looking back now, in it's deepest core of motivation, was pur[...]

Matt's 28th

May 25th was Matt's 28th Birthday. A significant year to mark, most notable for me as this Fall we will have known each other for an entire decade. Basic easy math for me, adding 10's. It also signifies his march around the calender getting much closer to hitting 30. I still remember when 30 was considered 'OLD'. We're also closing in on his 29th year, when we will have been together for a Third h[...]

Retreating, part 2

The most beautiful expression of what the weekend was about really came to life on Sunday afternoon. After the last session of the official schedule was over, we were free to spend the afternoon after checkout enjoying the Resort amenities. We scrambled to pack up the room, ending up with far more food than we came with and no where for it to go other than our stomachs. Bound eventually for the po[...]

Garden Variety

This will be the third summer we've been living in this house, yet only the first we will be able to fully enjoy having a backyard. I should rephrase: A backyard that is actually usable. I am immensely excited at the prospect of our outside space. True, we are still not completely done to the point we can sit back and relish in the fruit of our labor. The labor continues, but this is the easy stuf[...]