A couple weeks ago we took the liberty of staying at a friends house in Hyak for the weekend. Friday afternoon Skiing at Alpental. It snowed about 4 inches in 45 minutes.  Matt took six laps up to Bills Bowl (little hike above Ingrids) and taught Friday night live and dug out the yurt before it collapses, and cocoa and sauna for the kids. Managed to plow the impreza out the driveway and down[...]
It's amazing how much the absorb from their experiences and the activities of their parents. This morning I came out of the shower to find the girls waxing their skis in the living room. Granted, they were just rubbing the solid hot wax bar along the bases, which doesn't quite do the trick, but good enough for playing 'Ski Instructor' in the living room. I had to grab my phone & take some vide[...]

Image intensive

I know, I haven't posted any pictures in forever. So I'll put a few posts of our backlogged photos up. Honestly, I really haven't been shooting much, which is pretty abnormal for me. Once again I decided to take all of December off from shooting professionally, but this year decided to push it back to the week before Thanksgiving. My last two family sessions were mid-November. With those I dropped[...]


Datenight. Or on Twitter I refer to it as #D8nite. It's frequency & regularity has waned. Usually, a Friday ritual. Just me & Matt. A single photo, lacking words, capturing a moment from our week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor & remember. Because it was just us. Amazing food, a bit of Tequila, sitting outside surrounded by misting rain falling[...]

Warm Winter

For those of you around Seattle, you would attest this is an incredibly odd Winter. We've had Sun. That's right- SUN. Quite a divergence from the typical photon-deprived season the Pacific Northwest is prone to. For those of you elsewhere who've been hit hard this Winter, my apologies. Having said that, I can't really complain. We've been to the parks, the zoo, the backyard, had the windows open, [...]
Mom takes pictures. Girls like to take pictures... Picture us taking pictures. While they have grown up with a camera in their little faces and I constantly get the comments about how many good pictures I must have, we can now attest the factual basis of my girls current state of photographic meltdown. It's one thing to have a ton of images of them as little baby blobs, wide-eyed an[...]
The weather has been a bit of a surprise lately. Just when we get all geared up for cold, wet Fall, the sun decides to stick around. The residual blue skies and crisp warmth has been more than a pleasantly unexpected bout. In fact, the majority of next week too calls for partly sunny. The cool air still hangs, clinging in the shadows as a reminder this season is indeed here. But the dryness? A far[...]


Meet Willie. He is Matt's Childhood puppet. He has a friend. His name is Harold. Willie and Harold have been through a lot. A lot of abuse from a young and over-loving Matt in the days of their youth. Willie, now threadbare and delicately held together with some strategic application of hot glue, barely fits our girls contemporary idea of what's fitting for a toy. Therefore Willie is scary. Harold[...]