Indian Summer

As I type this, it's pouring rain outside. A far cry from most of the past week, which has been much more of an Indian Summer. Sure, there's been those little bouts of grey, as rain (such a foreign concept now) came trickling down our windows and the kids begged me to take them to the park. The lure of sun and warmth is still there, in an almost expected way. Why would it ever be any different[...]

September, already?

September 1st. Well, here it is. Already the days seem to be slipping away much earlier, there's a coolness in the air signifying Fall. Even the trees along our street have begun to display tuffs of turning leaves. Already I have begun to lament giving up the warm days spent in sun dresses, running barefoot through the yard and splashing in the pool. This has truly been a wonderful Summer. While I[...]

The heat is on

I write this on a day that is a full 30 degrees cooler than it was a week ago. Seattle hit an official record high- 104 degrees F. I can do without that much summer, but have been loving the warm sun we've had up until today. Today is a reminder that in a few short months we will be back to gray drizzles. Revel in it now. Hard to appreciate when the girls are going to bed, still dripping in sweat [...]

Beating the heat

Wednesday it hit 104 degrees F. Every other day has been above 90, INSIDE THE HOUSE. Now, when you live in a structure with very little insulation in the back half, stagnant air because you've closed all the windows in attempts to retain as much coolth possible, the extremes can really get to you. It's felt like we've been in a sauna the whole week. By Thursday, Pia had heat rash all d[...]

Trike Riding

This past week has been a very difficult one for us. I the shortest terminology, it sucked. Circumstances and struggles I really don't feel like talking about here on this blog. Not that I want to teast and then not share, but that it's simply too much and too involved to dump on here. Blogging, while a form of expression and sharing, is also a form of self-editing and selective communica[...]

Sister luvin'

My girls are hilarious. I love watching them play and interact together, especially now that Pia is dying to play along with them. The older girls have started this game where they run around the house yelling, "Run away from the baby, run away from the baby!" and Pia crawls after them as fast as she can. But quickly the big girls make a lap around our circular floor plan, coming up behind her, ma[...]

Wild and Crazy

Hey Kids, do you know what time it is? It's Crazy Time… oh yeah, let's read a bedtime story, too. Just to, you know... wind down for bed. Mom will grab a camera... But Dad does most of the heavy lifting. Soon the energy level (and noise level) is through the roof. Yea, let's run off the last of your residual crazies so the actual going to sleep part of this routine might[...]

Matt's 28th

May 25th was Matt's 28th Birthday. A significant year to mark, most notable for me as this Fall we will have known each other for an entire decade. Basic easy math for me, adding 10's. It also signifies his march around the calender getting much closer to hitting 30. I still remember when 30 was considered 'OLD'. We're also closing in on his 29th year, when we will have been together for a Third h[...]

Garden Variety

This will be the third summer we've been living in this house, yet only the first we will be able to fully enjoy having a backyard. I should rephrase: A backyard that is actually usable. I am immensely excited at the prospect of our outside space. True, we are still not completely done to the point we can sit back and relish in the fruit of our labor. The labor continues, but this is the easy stuf[...]

Sunshine on the inside

Why is it that something as simple as sunshine streaming in the windows makes playing inside so much better? Oh wait, maybe it just makes taking pictures of us playing inside so much better. And gives me an excuse to bust out the wide-angle lens so I can lie here, on my back, getting pictures of kids clamoring around me, down on the floor at their level, capturing what I imagine[...]