Our girls are always cracking us up in how they explore this amazing world they live in. We were at Mt. Hood, OR this weekend, and it seems they had more fun in the parking lot outside the condo building than anywhere else. Praise God for kids being kids! Pia On Ice http://vimeo.com/53597279
"You've really never had a Passport before?!?" The lady on the other side of the plexiglass divider raised a questioning eyebrow at me in disbelief. Her eyes glanced back down at my printed out paperwork and birth certificate laying out on the counter between us, finger resting on my birthdate. I am pretty sure I know what she is thinking. Yes, I am 30 years old and have never traveled outsi[...]
  Let me tell you a story about how God is working. This story started almost exactly 7 years ago. Life is not a series of random circumstances and chance happenings. God orchestrates all things and works all things out for our benefit and His Glory (Rom 8:28). Those who have been in Christ for any length of time bear witness to how God orchestrates things and we are often floored a[...]
It's amazing how much the absorb from their experiences and the activities of their parents. This morning I came out of the shower to find the girls waxing their skis in the living room. Granted, they were just rubbing the solid hot wax bar along the bases, which doesn't quite do the trick, but good enough for playing 'Ski Instructor' in the living room. I had to grab my phone & take some vide[...]


Tallis, running back from the kitchen after peering in the oven at our roasting chicken: “Daddy! Da Chicken’s DONE!” Matt: “Really? What does it look like?” Tallis: “Um. It looks salty.” Matt: “Really? Salty, huh. It should look Golden Brown and Crispy.” Tallis: “Yea. It’s Golden Bwown. And Cwispy. It’s like a Rhinoceros.” Matt: “Like a what?” Tallis: “It’s a Rhinoceros. Actually[...]

Fur Day

So I spent a day trying to be a buxom blond. The only problem was I had this Joe Dirt character hanging on my arm ;-) *Saturday marked the last day of ski lessons with the annual celebration of Fur Day. We got pretty into it this year, no?
Mom takes pictures. Girls like to take pictures... Picture us taking pictures. While they have grown up with a camera in their little faces and I constantly get the comments about how many good pictures I must have, we can now attest the factual basis of my girls current state of photographic meltdown. It's one thing to have a ton of images of them as little baby blobs, wide-eyed an[...]
Last night, being right up to the last minute in nature, I had realized I had not yet gotten around to photographing a custom-designed proof box for a wedding I had recently shot to post on my (other) blog. And the meeting was in 45 minutes. Dinner was in the oven, babysitter on the way, Matt not home just yet. So what do I do? I set up a makeshift studio in my living room to get a few quick snaps[...]


Meet Willie. He is Matt's Childhood puppet. He has a friend. His name is Harold. Willie and Harold have been through a lot. A lot of abuse from a young and over-loving Matt in the days of their youth. Willie, now threadbare and delicately held together with some strategic application of hot glue, barely fits our girls contemporary idea of what's fitting for a toy. Therefore Willie is scary. Harold[...]

Sister luvin'

My girls are hilarious. I love watching them play and interact together, especially now that Pia is dying to play along with them. The older girls have started this game where they run around the house yelling, "Run away from the baby, run away from the baby!" and Pia crawls after them as fast as she can. But quickly the big girls make a lap around our circular floor plan, coming up behind her, ma[...]