Wild and Crazy

Hey Kids, do you know what time it is? It's Crazy Time… oh yeah, let's read a bedtime story, too. Just to, you know... wind down for bed. Mom will grab a camera... But Dad does most of the heavy lifting. Soon the energy level (and noise level) is through the roof. Yea, let's run off the last of your residual crazies so the actual going to sleep part of this routine might[...]

Flour Power

Question 1: What do you get when you mix three girls, upon finding themselves unsupervised (for under 3 minutes as their mom is tending to laundry), with a 50lb bag of bulk flour stored in the closet?   a.) 3 Maori aboriginals.  b.) A ginormous mess c.) One Fuming Mama d.) Fleeting minutes of fun e.) All of the above If you chose e.), you are correct. Question 2: I[...]

That's quite a face

Can I just flat out laugh at this child? I mean, seriously. This face is hysterical. It started out with Pia chomping her front four (and only) teeth together, which made her look slightly mad. I say slightly mad because in actually it was mostly silly. So we laughed. I think now our laughter has spurred her on. Now she does it ALL THE TIME. These shots I got last night after dinner when s[...]