Have your cake

We have a certain someone's 2nd Birthday coming up in a few weeks. My April Fool's Baby is in need of a celebratory confection, so I have been perusing the net in search of ideas. In our house, we are only trying to celebrate every other-or-so Birthday's, skipping a few years between big bashes. Tallis is easy, as her special day is way off in April, on the other side of the calender from the stac[...]


I caught this picture through one of the living room windows as the sun rises above the houses and trees yesterday, infiltrating light deep into the house. As the walls illuminate orange, I realize how much I am reveling in this winter sunshine we have been having. Perhaps it is indeed the Vitaman D, as reflecting to this point last year, when I was severely anemic, my body depleted of nearly ev[...]


In all honesty, I don't really like the description that I am 'Crafty' or a 'Crafter'- it too much reminds me of grandma-style crocheting afghans or scrap-booking, both of which I cringe at. I never liked painting noodles and gluing them onto construction paper nor any projects with popsicle sticks. No, I break the rules, don't follow directions very well and typically design my own everything fro[...]
I wanted to share two items I bought while in Portland. I have a thing for well designed, meaningful objects and often times can't help but pick up a few little items from places we go. The first is this sweet little postcard printed on Birch Veneer of a 'corny raccoon' from Night Owl Paper Goods. I love how it is this great combination of modern whimsy combined with a great materiality. Of cour[...]
SNOW!! More and more of it. This makes me so excited. By Monday we had about 12 inches on our back deck, and a burst of Sun to go play in the fluffy white stuff. Even now as I type, large white flakes are heavily falling to the ground, leaving us with an additional 3 inches. I am so looking forward to having a White Christmas, my third one EVER (yea, I know that sounds weird, growing up in the m[...]
For what a dreary day it ended up being, my morning walk to Tougo's at 6:45am was beautiful. The sunrise spread pinks oranges and yellows across the sky infiltrating into the deep blues and black shadows of the darkened city. The hues and vibrancy was just amazing, and no, these images haven't been enhanced, they are actually straight out of the camera. I couldn't help but appreciate the spectru[...]

Talented friends

I love knowing that I know the people behind creative endeavors that I am able to enjoy. It blows me away that in the timeframe I have known the person I wasn't fully aware of the massive amounts of talent I didn't know they have. Especially impressive because I don't have really any music talent at all, but now get to benefit from their skills and enjoy their work. a few on my music playlist rot[...]
I don't know if many of you know exactly how big of a Dork I am. Yup, I am a huge dork who always loves a good story of random randomness (especially if I am involved). So here is the latest from yesterday: We went out last night for wine and dessert to a nearby restaurant that has a little kid's play space, just to give Matt and I a chance to talk and catch up with one another and get out for a [...]


Inspiration is a funny thing. When it comes it is often brief, sporadic and all too fleeting. I have come to realize I have experienced two very different forms of inspiration: The easy form is the one that comes usually in regards to something I do -- an inspired moment in designing something, the strike of a good idea that spurs you into action, the fire under your feet to create, seeing somet[...]


Adorable handmade booties courtesy of Kelly. Aren't they great? If you (unlike I) are knitting-savy, she links to the pattern for these cuties here. I am always impressed and inspired by those who can knit well, as it is a skill I have never been able to pick up well (the last failed attempt was a scarf for Matt the year we got engaged still resides stuffed in the back of the closet). The booti[...]