I guess I feel that tugging nesting urge to be planning for the arrival of this new little one. I am resisting washing all the newborn clothes already. But I don't need to buy any new gear. I do, however, have a deep desire to start making things, as I have towards the end of each pregnancy. But now the focus is shifting from sweet little clothes to sweet little accessories. I am inspired to crea[...]

My pet project

Since I don't get to really practice design and architecture, I often times fall into bouts of obsessing in my head about changes to this house, space design, furnishings and interior design. Restraint must be used, as it can be a considerable time waster if they are wishful thinking projects (like the perfect family condo floorplan). But we do have some smaller projects we are slowly actualizing.[...]


My least favorite color. But with two girls around here, we have inevitably collected our fair share of it. Thankfully this hue has remained restrained to clothing for the most part. No Disney Princess beds around here. It was a rare day indeed, as I look at this uploaded batch of photos on my Flickr photostream, to realize the prevalence pink played. So in continuing the colors bent, here is an[...]
This has become a bit of a photography blog around here, no? I have been really stuck on the colors theme simply because I have been really stuck on having fresh flowers around the house. I think I am an addict, I can't stop. I think it is true that flowers make you happy. Actually let me take that back, I don't think they make you happy, I think they remind you of happiness. They embody bea[...]


Green has always been a favorite. I tend towards a lime or pear shade, like new blades of grass and freshly juiced kale. It pairs well with grey and white and has found it's way into many graphic presentations I have done. My bridesmaids wore green a way long time ago- celedon to be exact. I've moved away from the sage's and older-looking hues, preferring now the fresher, brighter palate. This w[...]


I am loving having little snips of color around. I think I should always have fresh flowers and fruit in the house. So Happy! I have been really liking yellow recently. I am thinking of incorporating it into the Girl's new room when we move them across the hall in the Fall to free up the nursery for the new baby. Not a color I thought I would ever pick.
There’s is nothing quite like the visual art of photography to evoke our emotions. I love that it’s an art form that is available to everyone. I have been thinking I want some sort of task or challenge to spur me on in taking pictures I might not normally shoot. There are many Photo Challenges out there, I did some Google-ing this morning. I realize I need something random and difficult enough [...]


Do you ever get obsessed with something, then for a period of time, it goes unnoticed until it jumps back out at you and is suddenly appearing everywhere? Maybe the return of my love affair with orange is running rampant and coinciding with the return of the sun. I have seen just so much beauty in the small phenomenological details in the last 24 hours. I just appreciated the color so intensely: O[...]
And in the mailbox none the less. I have been in love with Ottobre design sewing patterns since I first borrowed several from a friend a few years back. Simple, straightforward, infinitely modifiable. My mom got me a year's subscription for Christmas. Now I have tons of new patterns and new ideas brewing. No excuses, right?


As in the five years we will celebrate in less than a week. We have booked a night at the ACE Hotel in downtown Seattle. It will be the first time we go anywhere overnight alone with no kids. The first time we will spend some significant time in this city where we can do adult stuff. Seems very foreign. I actually have no idea how to fill up two whole days and a night with all the things we have[...]