I have to confess I have become an Urbanite. I am raising two little Urbanites as well. Yes, I grew up in a small town, rich in natural beauty and outdoor activities. But fairly lacking in opportunity, culture and efficiency. I never thought I would live in a large city. Never. Then I became an Architect. Then I became a city dweller. Then I became a parent. Now we highly value the things that den[...]

What's in a name?

My ears (rather, eyes) perked up when I found this article at Slate called 'Building a Brand: How Architecture Firms Name Themselves'. We are still at a loss for a new name and identity for g.design. Like I have said before, it is like naming a kid. So far we haven't come up with something simple, catchy and that captures what we are about. There are a lot of good names already taken, but the perf[...]
This afternoon I lucked out. Two kids down for naps at the same time. Such a rarity. I marveled at the peacefulness of the house, the fleeting occurrence of silence. I had time for me, for my thoughts, my own solace. I read a little. Had some peppermint tea. Avoided the dishes. Traded for just a short while looming things needing to be done for contemplation of the looming rainclouds. I listene[...]
A glimpse of what we've been doing: Matt has been taking a half day on Thursdays to go on family adventures. The last few we have been graced with beautiful weather. Last week we went to Discovery Park in Magnolia. Great day to enjoy the vistas watching the boats cruise up and down Puget Sound. It was a very easy hike down to the South Beach of the park, nice trail and thankfully not too many p[...]


Perhaps in being a designer I appreciate light, or maybe it is something just ingrained in me from growing up in a place where the dynamics of sun, seasons and environment weigh heavily on deep contrasts. Mountains:Sky. Snow:Trees. Water:Rock. Perhaps I come back to it not only because it is something familiar, but something to appreciate in the minimalism, the simplicity of stripped away prete[...]

Toy lust

Araiya and I were over hanging out at her playmate's house yesterday. He is the proud owner of an awesome wooden kitchen and a slew of wooden kitchen accessories. She was tickled beyond herself with this set of toys. I have had my eyes out for good used wooden food and kitchen toys for a while, as Araiya loves helping out in the kitchen. I came across this Barista set via Babystyle this mornin[...]