A Heart for Ana :: the Grummer Family's Story Check out our video! Our dear friends, Blake & Janelle of J+B Video made this for us on one sunny afternoon at Discovery Park. We had so much fun with them!! (And finally found a use for all the polaroids I take)
I've always thought being involved in other people's remodels & design processes is much akin to being a marriage counselor. Many a marriages have nearly broken up over building/improving a house together. They don't exactly tell you how to deal with that in Architecture school. Heck, they barely teach you how the building actually goes together, let alone how to use CAD. But who councils us w[...]

Bring on the crazies

Our life has been flipped upside down by the shocking reality that Bob Villa so deceitfully presented as idyllic in his 45-minute segments of This Old House. You get into a remodel with lots of gung-ho, can-do attitude. It all gets torn apart easily. Optimism and work ethic prevail. Your swept up in the excitement of demo and major changes underway. We've sat on this 1950's ranch-ish style duplex [...]


I love film. In case you didn't already know. I've forgotten how much I love Polaroids, as I haven't shot them in about 5 years. Specifically, peel apart instant film. It's amazing how this type of film has actually IMPROVED in the past handful of years. One would think otherwise, given the fact 'Polaroid' as a brand appeared to have died. It's funny to me how what was old and archaic swings back [...]
I think I’ve finally reassimilated to life at home. It took a few weeks. My Birthday weekend we headed East, for a visit with the Grandparent's and an ambiguously interesting celebration of my Birthday attending Matt's 10 year High School reunion. The up side to that is we got a night away sans kids and the girls got to soak in some Grandma & Grandpa time, including a shopping trip for Araiya [...]
4 more shopping days until my Birthday, people ;-) Of course it takes staring down the barrel of rounding into my 28th year to get all contemplative. Yes, I am turning 28. In some regards that may seem young. In others, getting older. To me it mostly marks getting closer to the far bigger milestone of 30. Which has got me thinking about what other things mark that milestone in my life, what thi[...]
I don't know who Dylan is, nor why he is considered Daring. But Tequila and mexican chocolate, well those two mixed together sound mighty daring. This drink of the week is made possible because we just happened to have half a jug of leftover half-n-half. It was mighty tasty. Daring Dylan 1 shot Tequila 4oz Mexican Hot Chocolate*, room temperature Cocoa Powder squirt of lime Cinnamon c[...]
Araiya showed me some amazing drawings she was working on this morning. I asked her to explain them: "This is when God came to rescue us by dying on a cross," she began. I got chills. "Go on, I want to hear more." I told her. "This is Jesus on the cross. These are the women & Mary crying because they don't understand why Jesus is going to die, they don't know that Jesus is saving the whole [...]
Here's what we've been indulging this week in the mixed cocktail department. And by indulging, I will re-remind you of the state of our bare-bones supply & randomly haphazard selection. We did however, invest in some Tequila & Triple Sec this past weekend, marking a third-ever trip to a Washington State Liquor Store and tripling the alcohol variety in our house. This is 3 dashes of bitt[...]