Daddy's Day

They say the way to a man's heart is through is stomach. I can attest to the existence of this elusive 6th Love Language- feeling love by means of Food. Surely it's obvious Matt feels cared for in many other ways, but there is utter enjoyment found in making special treats for him as I have managed to find a very amazing guy to marry who happens to gobble the vast majority of what I cook right up[...]

Drink of lack of choice

Lately a good martini has sounded really good after dinner. Or a glass of wine would be equally as good. Or a margarita, which is my default favorite drink. Since moving to Washington I have been to the liquor store all of, um... Zero times. Back home in Cali you could walk into any grocery store to purchase nearly any hard alcohol from their wide selections. It just doesn't work like that in this[...]
I have been thinking a lot lately about digital versus film. It seems to be the latest rage within the pro photographer's social circles I get a little listen in on through my RSS feed reader. All art forms since the middle of the last century swing like a pendulum between modernism and postmodernism. Going digital was modern. Photog's who have now learned and shot on nothing but Digital are now s[...]


We aren't super big into the celebration of Halloween. In fact, when you really look into it, much confusing conflict arises to the conscious as to the level of participation given the history of Halloween, as it is long, complex and somewhat uncertain. The Sugar-coated holiday of Halloween as our culture is often doesn't realize how inextricably tied to history, so the commercialized version[...]

State of the garden

An update on the backyard, though I talk about it a lot since we have been spending so much time back there and all. Also I realize I haven't done any Before and After comparison from what the back yard looked like a year ago and the whole process of the work we did (and here, here, here). It's pretty crazy to look back and see the changes. Now things are growing. And GROWING! Squas[...]

Dirt made my lunch

Maybe, just maybe, there will be a few of you out there who get the referenced song in the title. As for the rest of you, perhaps you didn't go to Public School in a resort town that taught recycling and forest conservation as a core class in elementary school like mine did. Regardless, I find many years later and we are still a far cry away from any kind of local bioregionalism in the way we eat [...]

Ring Pic's

This weekend I am photographing a wedding. It will be the first wedding I have done in about 5 years. In all honesty, I don't really have much of a desire to be a 'Wedding Photographer' despite the lure of it being a very lucrative trade. The ones I have done in the past have all been very unique (wheat farm in Idaho, middle of January in a Tepee, for instance) and I find most brides are drawn to [...]

Garden Variety

This will be the third summer we've been living in this house, yet only the first we will be able to fully enjoy having a backyard. I should rephrase: A backyard that is actually usable. I am immensely excited at the prospect of our outside space. True, we are still not completely done to the point we can sit back and relish in the fruit of our labor. The labor continues, but this is the easy stuf[...]