Homemade baby food, that is. We are a pretty hands-on family, can't you tell? And yes, I do a fair amount of making my own baby food. My dedication to this task has waned as I have progressed from the first kid down to the third, there is just less time and sadly simply less drive to expend the effort in this department. I think by now I pretty much have it down to a science and it doesn't feel[...]
We made the decision this week to go ahead and completely revamp this blog. I mean completely. I have expressed my disappointment and growing realization that this site is having an identity crisis, how I feel it is constrained in it's current state and really just needs to be relaunched. There will be a lot of freedom in it's new rendition that I am really excited for. This is my (near) daily cre[...]
Warmth was fleeting; today we are back to overcast. A few lingering images from the past few days of our Backyard Escapades:  1.) Our front window, which faces east, welcoming the sunrise and warm rays deep into the living room; 2.) Lunch on the deck; 3.) Araiya playing with an umbrella; 4.) Blossom Buds on one of the fruit trees; 5.) Planting seeds in a new toy, one that was int[...]

Morning crepes

These last few mornings have been wonderful. Spring has sprung. Or at least providing a little teaser, as the forecast calls for rain Wednesday-Thursday. Our days have been nearly 70 degrees of glorious sunshine beckoning us outdoors. Saturday we skied (it was awesome), Sunday we were in the backyard all afternoon, Monday we hit up multiple parks (I even got a bit sunburnt). Today is more of the[...]

Have your cake...

Tallis' cake, pulled off as a success, despite unnecessary setbacks which took place yesterday. I finished up the decorating this morning while Tallis is out on her Birthday Daddy Date (and going to the bank). She, of course, has been begging for cake all morning. Even at breakfast, already quite aware this is HER day, saying "cake, cake? Daddy date? cake?" The baking process started off with[...]
Bakery Blog :: How I use Twitter Twitter :: Widgets  (if you notice, I have added a small, quiet widget link in the side bar to follow me on twitter, if you happen to be interested) Modish Blog Biz Tips :: 4 Things You Need to Build Your Brand, and 5 Ideas to Help You Find Your Niche, and  11 Free (and cheap!) Marketing Ideas Concept Share :: Try it free for 30 days! Apartment Therapy :: How t[...]

Fairy wands

These girls really like making "Crafts". I put that word in "s simply because to them, anything involving cutting paper, some colored pencils and a little tape is considered a "Craft". Sometimes I come up with crafts for the sole purpose of keeping these kids out of trouble, or as in the case of this last week, simply out of sheer boredom . We have to occupy ourselves somehow, given we haven't l[...]

Have your cake

We have a certain someone's 2nd Birthday coming up in a few weeks. My April Fool's Baby is in need of a celebratory confection, so I have been perusing the net in search of ideas. In our house, we are only trying to celebrate every other-or-so Birthday's, skipping a few years between big bashes. Tallis is easy, as her special day is way off in April, on the other side of the calender from the stac[...]

Way behind

I feel way out of touch with this poor blog. Obviously reflected in the blog stats, which has taken a nose dive this week. I am coming up for air from finishing up editing from 3 different photography shoots two weekends ago which produced about 2400 images to sift through. Now I am down to the last session's images and am about to get those out to the clients, but of course just added another 250[...]


How could I have possibly forgotten to blog about these? It has been almost a whole week and I have failed to mention these utterly amazing Brownies we made. Our baking escapades usually begin with Mom having a huge craving for something sweet and us being down to having nearly nothing of the sort left in the house. This time I lucked out. I not only had a bar of Theo Dark Chocolate, but some St[...]