Today is a very special Monday!! Today we are this week’s Featured Family on the Fundraising blog Give 1, Save 1 is a blog to help fundraise for families adopting from all over the world. It’s really super simple – and that's the beauty of the idea Every Monday a different adoptive family is featured on and readers are asked to give $1 – just $1 - and then he[...]


Last month already seems forever ago. The memories of summer are fading fast, though the backlog of images I have waiting to be blogged will indicate otherwise. Time time of making, producing, processing have become longer with the realities of film. We've moved past the seemingly instantaneous shoot-to-blog and within the delay has allowed room for a far more endearing nostalgic amount of reflect[...]
It was such an easy decision. Flying to a wedding in California- with the cost of airfare on 4 seats, hauling 3 car seats, paying extra for checked bags, renting a car, getting to and from the airport- somehow all of that seemed so much more difficult than just driving to a wedding in California. Not to mention cheaper. Besides, this allowed us more time to get away, to make this into a real vacat[...]
I can't figure out if I am an Introvert or an Extrovert. It seems to sway to either side every so often, even situational, though overall I remain rather middle of the road. I'm more Extroverted than most Introverts I know and more Introverted than most Extroverts I know. An Inextrovert? An Introverted Extrovert? Extra-introvert? Not to over analyze my social behavior or anything, but [...]
05:15 :: Wake to a barely rising sun, move through a still and quiet house laid out with preset piles of ski clothes and bags in their expected positions, awaiting the inevitable bustle of what is about to come. 05:30 :: Start making breakfast. Actually, scratch that. Start making coffee first, then preparation for baked eggs and toast follows after I set the water on the stove to boil. The p[...]
  This little girl turns 2 tomorrow! Can't wait. I've been banished from the 'puter for a while (Matt has been working from home pretty much every day so my fun blogging gets trumped by his real work), but have plenty other stuff to attend to. It's Naptime, so Araiya and I are off to bake a Birthday Cake while the little girls sleep. The camera will be close by, hopefully I have better results th[...]
I know I haven't talked much about the 'work' and 'business' side of things on here much. By training, my hubby and I are both Architects. By practice, he uses his degree and I... well, I have a very expensive piece of paper signed by the Governator. I do use my training and accrue a few select billable hours alongside Matt, sometimes dabbling in conceptual design, but mostly utilizing my streng[...]
Bakery Blog :: How I use Twitter Twitter :: Widgets  (if you notice, I have added a small, quiet widget link in the side bar to follow me on twitter, if you happen to be interested) Modish Blog Biz Tips :: 4 Things You Need to Build Your Brand, and 5 Ideas to Help You Find Your Niche, and  11 Free (and cheap!) Marketing Ideas Concept Share :: Try it free for 30 days! Apartment Therapy :: How t[...]
Two days of skiing. Two FULL days of skiing. In a ROW. In a season that has felt more like spring skiing through the months which normally see the most snow fall, Friday and Saturday's fresh accumulation (30") was a welcome sight. Combine that with amazing sunny skies, it almost felt like a Tahoe day. Everyone else who ditched work to head to Crystal Mountain on Friday agreed. Matt had planned t[...]
Where I have been browsing around the internet this week: 10 Privacy Settings Every Facebook User Should Know Writing for Bloggers: A Quick Guide to Style, Substance and Strategy (link to PDF file) Getting things done with Twitter article and the ones I am exploring: twitterfeed, easytweets, HootSuite Blogger's Code of Conduct What the Font for the iPhone Why you should love Google Reader as[...]