A Heart for Ana :: the Grummer Family's Story Check out our video! Our dear friends, Blake & Janelle of J+B Video made this for us on one sunny afternoon at Discovery Park. We had so much fun with them!! (And finally found a use for all the polaroids I take)
A couple weeks ago we took the liberty of staying at a friends house in Hyak for the weekend. Friday afternoon Skiing at Alpental. It snowed about 4 inches in 45 minutes.  Matt took six laps up to Bills Bowl (little hike above Ingrids) and taught Friday night live and dug out the yurt before it collapses, and cocoa and sauna for the kids. Managed to plow the impreza out the driveway and down[...]

Image intensive

I know, I haven't posted any pictures in forever. So I'll put a few posts of our backlogged photos up. Honestly, I really haven't been shooting much, which is pretty abnormal for me. Once again I decided to take all of December off from shooting professionally, but this year decided to push it back to the week before Thanksgiving. My last two family sessions were mid-November. With those I dropped[...]
I think I’ve finally reassimilated to life at home. It took a few weeks. My Birthday weekend we headed East, for a visit with the Grandparent's and an ambiguously interesting celebration of my Birthday attending Matt's 10 year High School reunion. The up side to that is we got a night away sans kids and the girls got to soak in some Grandma & Grandpa time, including a shopping trip for Araiya [...]

Madrona Beach

There's nothing like Summers at the Beach. I will sheepishly admit this trip was our first time down to Madrona Beach this year. Really, we have little impediments- it's only like a mile and a half away, we live directly between two direct bus lines and there is ample free parking. The past few Summers' we've been here at least once a week, but sadly haven't been really doing much of anything. I'm[...]

Lake Chelan

A few weekends back we were invited to cross over the Cascades to the Eastern side of the state and go camping with some friends in the Lake Chelan area. Quickly we came to a new understanding: This is where Summer really lives in the Pacific Northwest. Yes, I've been to the Tri Cities & Spokane areas and often chide Matt how much his Hometown is akin to Reno/Sparks, Nevada, a place of sagebru[...]
Seattlites experience extreme mood swings between overly bemoaning our 2 weeks of annual sunshine and then becoming Vampires hissing at the photons the moment those precious rays hit our lilly white skin. Just two months ago activists were petitioning our Mayor for a nude beach. Really? Seattle + nude beach? Imagine that. A bunch of neekid people running around the shoreline while it's raining. Am[...]


Gooey eyes. Sinus Infection. Photography workshop postponed. In-Law's in town. Camping in the backyard. Power-washed deck. More digestion issues. Toddler Soccer classes. Purging junk. Trips to Goodwill. A funeral. A baby shower. Awaiting labor to shoot a birth. BBQ's. Photo print orders for Father's Day. In-house date nights. Sun. Rain. Warm. Cold. I don't know what it is about getting sick tha[...]