Laying under the trees

Yesterday was amazing. And so is today. Apparently this was the first time Seattle has been over 70 degrees since September 25th. We've been outside, the windows flung open, digging in dirt and playing in the yard. Last night was officially the first night this year we have eaten dinner on the back deck. Dinner was darn good (we had sliders- mini-burgers made with local beef mixed with quinoa, gar[...]
It was such an easy decision. Flying to a wedding in California- with the cost of airfare on 4 seats, hauling 3 car seats, paying extra for checked bags, renting a car, getting to and from the airport- somehow all of that seemed so much more difficult than just driving to a wedding in California. Not to mention cheaper. Besides, this allowed us more time to get away, to make this into a real vacat[...]
This is not going to be an "I've been a bad blogger" rant. In fact, I've done that too many times before. In fact, I'm far too easily irritated when someone hasn't blogged in three days and those kind of posts come across my feed reader. Honestly, there's this thing called LIFE. It gets in the way sometimes. Wait, maybe I should recant that. It's all the stuff we try to cram in on top of th[...]

Warm Winter

For those of you around Seattle, you would attest this is an incredibly odd Winter. We've had Sun. That's right- SUN. Quite a divergence from the typical photon-deprived season the Pacific Northwest is prone to. For those of you elsewhere who've been hit hard this Winter, my apologies. Having said that, I can't really complain. We've been to the parks, the zoo, the backyard, had the windows open, [...]
I wish I knew what has happened to my mind. It seems to have gotten lost in the shuffle of constant packing and unpacking. Yesterday I heated up soup for my lunch while I helped the girls make Peanut Butter roll-ups for their lunch. Then after the girls were all served and eating, I simply walked out of the kitchen completely forgetting that I needed to eat, too. The very next day I got out of the[...]
The weather has been a bit of a surprise lately. Just when we get all geared up for cold, wet Fall, the sun decides to stick around. The residual blue skies and crisp warmth has been more than a pleasantly unexpected bout. In fact, the majority of next week too calls for partly sunny. The cool air still hangs, clinging in the shadows as a reminder this season is indeed here. But the dryness? A far[...]

Indian Summer

As I type this, it's pouring rain outside. A far cry from most of the past week, which has been much more of an Indian Summer. Sure, there's been those little bouts of grey, as rain (such a foreign concept now) came trickling down our windows and the kids begged me to take them to the park. The lure of sun and warmth is still there, in an almost expected way. Why would it ever be any different[...]

September, already?

September 1st. Well, here it is. Already the days seem to be slipping away much earlier, there's a coolness in the air signifying Fall. Even the trees along our street have begun to display tuffs of turning leaves. Already I have begun to lament giving up the warm days spent in sun dresses, running barefoot through the yard and splashing in the pool. This has truly been a wonderful Summer. While I[...]

Port Townsend

This summer has been the summer of what I have dubbed, Mini-Cations. Small little ventures that are long enough to take a breather, but far far shorter than a vacation or even weekend getaway. It has totally changed my perspective on Vacations. I've found I like smaller, shorter trips with more frequency and variety more than bigger trips which tend to be fewer and farther between. The latest inst[...]
It looks like we are making this Camping trip to the Ocean an annual thing. A week after Pia was born, I decided for my Birthday I wanted to buy family camping gear so we could go enjoy the great outdoors. A huge tent, 4 kids sleeping bags, and a two-week old- we headed out to Ocean Shores, Washington at the end of August last year. This year we hoped to bring along more families. But apparently s[...]