Beating the heat

Wednesday it hit 104 degrees F. Every other day has been above 90, INSIDE THE HOUSE. Now, when you live in a structure with very little insulation in the back half, stagnant air because you've closed all the windows in attempts to retain as much coolth possible, the extremes can really get to you. It's felt like we've been in a sauna the whole week. By Thursday, Pia had heat rash all d[...]

Pickin' Blueberries

The book Last Child in the Woods keeps popping up across my radar. I haven't actually read it, though due to the fact I keep stumbling across references to it, I probably should. The premise seems pretty obvious to me- kids these days have lost connectivity to the outdoors. Kids these days. Hasn't every generation used that catch phrase as an excuse? I hate to think I am turning into an old, biase[...]
First thing I have to say is that there are WAY to many photos to blog from this adventure. Between Matt and I, two cameras, we came home with just over 600 raw images. After editing, it whittled down to 226, which are all uploaded on Flickr. I can't justify posting all the 'Good Ones' here in this post because it would make this post ridiculously long. So we will try this (fingers crossed,[...]

State of the garden

An update on the backyard, though I talk about it a lot since we have been spending so much time back there and all. Also I realize I haven't done any Before and After comparison from what the back yard looked like a year ago and the whole process of the work we did (and here, here, here). It's pretty crazy to look back and see the changes. Now things are growing. And GROWING! Squas[...]

Trike Riding

This past week has been a very difficult one for us. I the shortest terminology, it sucked. Circumstances and struggles I really don't feel like talking about here on this blog. Not that I want to teast and then not share, but that it's simply too much and too involved to dump on here. Blogging, while a form of expression and sharing, is also a form of self-editing and selective communica[...]
It’s early evening, and a cool night. The usual routine has been to put the girls down and go out back to water the garden. I’m sitting in the backyard, contemplating how much my lifestyle has changed in these past 4 years. As I look at my dirty feet in flip flops, I wonder when exactly I traded my aspirations to achieve something, that looking back now, in it's deepest core of motivation, was pur[...]