It's that time of year again- when children's heads are filled with visions of dancing sugar plums and well-designed gifts they may receive. I got quite a response to my gift guide last year, so here you go again. Below you will find a visual compilation of beautiful, functional and aesthetically pleasing things broken up in the categories of Want, Wear, Need & Read for both adults and kids. I[...]

Image intensive

I know, I haven't posted any pictures in forever. So I'll put a few posts of our backlogged photos up. Honestly, I really haven't been shooting much, which is pretty abnormal for me. Once again I decided to take all of December off from shooting professionally, but this year decided to push it back to the week before Thanksgiving. My last two family sessions were mid-November. With those I dropped[...]
I've always thought being involved in other people's remodels & design processes is much akin to being a marriage counselor. Many a marriages have nearly broken up over building/improving a house together. They don't exactly tell you how to deal with that in Architecture school. Heck, they barely teach you how the building actually goes together, let alone how to use CAD. But who councils us w[...]

Bring on the crazies

Our life has been flipped upside down by the shocking reality that Bob Villa so deceitfully presented as idyllic in his 45-minute segments of This Old House. You get into a remodel with lots of gung-ho, can-do attitude. It all gets torn apart easily. Optimism and work ethic prevail. Your swept up in the excitement of demo and major changes underway. We've sat on this 1950's ranch-ish style duplex [...]


For the past several months Araiya has been taking Ballet classes at our local Community Center. The adorable slippers, tights, tutu, leotard & classes were a Birthday gift from Grandma. This past month, Tallis has joined her. Now that we have hit November, our girls are taking a break until Spring. Much to their dismay, but we know as ski season will be starting up soon we will likely be push[...]

Pumpkin Patch

The seasons are surely turning here, albeit slowly. It’s been sunny for at least part of most days, which is fine with me as putting off the rain, rain, rain will garner no complaints on my end. I love this weather as it allows us to be out and about will little hindrance. This past weekend we made the pilgrimage over the mountains to visit the In-Law's. My SIL & Nephew, Gideon, had flown up f[...]


Datenight. Or on Twitter I refer to it as #D8nite. It's frequency & regularity has waned. Usually, a Friday ritual. Just me & Matt. A single photo, lacking words, capturing a moment from our week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor & remember. Because it was just us. Amazing food, a bit of Tequila, sitting outside surrounded by misting rain falling[...]


I love film. In case you didn't already know. I've forgotten how much I love Polaroids, as I haven't shot them in about 5 years. Specifically, peel apart instant film. It's amazing how this type of film has actually IMPROVED in the past handful of years. One would think otherwise, given the fact 'Polaroid' as a brand appeared to have died. It's funny to me how what was old and archaic swings back [...]

Last day

Today is the last day of my treatment. Later today I have to give myself my last injection. That means I have completed 48 days of this treatment- 7 weeks of eating an incredibly restricted diet, weighing my food, swallowing a mouthful of pills twice a day, drinking 1.5 liters of water each day, and poking myself in the bum at 4:45 each afternoon. Honestly, there have been parts of it that are eas[...]