Watching my girls sleep is amazing. It brings me to a place of remembrance and place where I am grateful & rejuvenated. Sleep is pretty much the only time when they aren't going a million miles an hour. There is plenty of loud noise, yelling, giggling, running, crying, screaming with delight, bouncing off the walls, distributing all their stuff on the floor all over the house & drama which[...]


I'm loving looking back at the images that come back from my lab, reminding me of how we filled the latter part of our Summer. This afternoon the rain came right after we returned home from a long excursion out. Thankfully I made it several trips up the front stairs with arm loads of grocery bags and was safely inside before the dreary drizzle saturated the street scape. Later, sitting down at my [...]


Last month already seems forever ago. The memories of summer are fading fast, though the backlog of images I have waiting to be blogged will indicate otherwise. Time time of making, producing, processing have become longer with the realities of film. We've moved past the seemingly instantaneous shoot-to-blog and within the delay has allowed room for a far more endearing nostalgic amount of reflect[...]
I think I’ve finally reassimilated to life at home. It took a few weeks. My Birthday weekend we headed East, for a visit with the Grandparent's and an ambiguously interesting celebration of my Birthday attending Matt's 10 year High School reunion. The up side to that is we got a night away sans kids and the girls got to soak in some Grandma & Grandpa time, including a shopping trip for Araiya [...]
Five years old. Can you believe it? Araiya has been counting down the day of her Birthday for the past 364 days. The day before her Birthday this year, she started informing me what we will be doing for her 6th Birthday. At one point, she wanted a 3-tiered cake decorated with a Tiara, Flowers, Butterflies, Jewels, Hearts, Sharks, Turtles, Princess AND Ballet Girls. Her ideas exceed her maturity le[...]
Natalie turns 28 today. Twenty-Eight Years. Today, she's thinking thats pretty old, and that is good. Why? Because she thinks she's really pretty young. At heart, that is. My wife is the fountain of my youth, and I am very grateful for her. Despite all that has happened in her 28 years, she remains dedicated to enjoying life and playing hard. Trust me, that is despite a lot of distractions[...]
4 more shopping days until my Birthday, people ;-) Of course it takes staring down the barrel of rounding into my 28th year to get all contemplative. Yes, I am turning 28. In some regards that may seem young. In others, getting older. To me it mostly marks getting closer to the far bigger milestone of 30. Which has got me thinking about what other things mark that milestone in my life, what thi[...]
It’s been a long, trying few weeks. Er, rather, months. Emotional too. We definitely need a bit of a break from our life. I feel like much of our Summer has been eaten up by me struggling through some health issues. Issues I haven't really talked all that directly to here and likely nothing has really come across as to how much it really has sucked. Basically I spent the latter part of May and[...]
I can't believe we've gone from here: to here: Pia is adorable! Her rambunctious, outgoing, comedic, always smiling personality comes out more each passing day. She cracks us all up with her antics. I can't believe she is already 2. Time flies when you're having fun. Now all we have to do is potty train her, sell off all the diapers & we'll be totally out of the 'baby' phase... [...]