Perhaps in being a designer I appreciate light, or maybe it is something just ingrained in me from growing up in a place where the dynamics of sun, seasons and environment weigh heavily on deep contrasts. Mountains:Sky. Snow:Trees. Water:Rock. Perhaps I come back to it not only because it is something familiar, but something to appreciate in the minimalism, the simplicity of stripped away prete[...]
Exhaustion has set in. Enticing us into the deep seductive folds of sleep. The need and want of sleep is present; the reality of sleep is interrupted, snatched away by the busyness and tasks we have relentlessly thrown ourselves into. By now it has all caught up to us. Looking back, where to start? Looking forward, how to sort it all? Last week and this week I have something going on every [...]

Summer Vacation

Maybe because it just doesn't quite feel like summer just yet- the sun and it's warmth keep faking us out, or maybe it is just the desire to get away to somewhere different- I am thinking.., er, lusting about exotic vacations. Not that we ever take any. Most of our travel is practical- go to Tahoe to visit family, go to Hawaii for a wedding. Great trips to great places with great people. I do wo[...]

"I-ya, seat."

I am afraid this blog is becoming a log of sporatic posts listing what we have done. I wish it were more of a heat of the moment recording if life unfolding, but for the time being, it is not. My posting is leaning more towards quick tidbits and highlights of the past few weeks rolled into one list. I am thankful for Flickr and my photostream there. It serves as a photoblog visually expres[...]

For Jill (part 2)

He he. Araiya: 1 Barbie (and her role as a model of unrealistic unhealthy self-image, over-enhanced exhibitionist sexuality, retrograde pursuit of derogitory male approval, and unrestrained metaphysical material consumerism): 0 Actually the real reason the kid isn't that into Barbie is because she's two. The multitude of criticism of Barbie are well-documented, but irrelevant to someone wh[...]

Officially Summer!

Memorial Day weekend marks the official start of Summer. Thankfully the weather has cooperated! We got an extra long weekend we filled up: Matt's Birthday :: Date night :: Sharing a bottle of wine at la Spiga :: Homemade Breakfast burritos I was told taste like Jack in the Box's :: Hiking Commonwealth Basin :: Scott's burger-stand in North Bend :: A fall out of the booster seat resulting in[...]

For Jill (part 1)

Jill has been my friend since Kindergarten. Actually, pre-kindergarten. We have often been mistaken as sisters, or at least related, as we share some resemblance to one another. Jill is an only child. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying she was spoiled or anything (she may differ on this opinion), but Jill had more barbies than anyone you have ever met. Jill had every Barbie ever made bet[...]
Smiled at this article over at Yahoo News regarding Stay at Home Mom's and how much they should could make in annual salary (if this were a paid position).  Glad to see we have gotten a 3% raise from last year, yet sorely disappointed we never see this load of cash get direct deposited into our checking account.  On the list of tasks that would be our job description, they included psychologist an[...]