Beautiful Saturday

Spent time with those I love the most. Ran around the yard, Ate snacks on the deck, Mixed paint colors, Filled in two doors in the master bedroom, Enjoyed free time during a long Tallis nap, Made awesome Fish Tacos with delicious seasoning from my mom, Had friends over, got more stuff out of the loft, Continued envisioning what to do to the house, Talked on the phone with my Grandma, Compiled [...]

Operation: de-BEIGE

Most homeowners are faced with the same doomed prospects: beige walls, beige linoleum, beige carpeting, beige exterior. When did 'designer colors' become varying shades of muddled tan? Gag me. I don't know anyone who likes beige.. well, beyond this reference: Sister Encarnación: "Well, my favorite color is light tan. My favorite animal is puppies. I like serving the Lord. Hiking, play volle[...]

A month!?!

This poor neglected place. I did not at all intend for the infrequency of posts to be creeping up on a month now. I have about 10 posts I have meant to write, 10 pictures I have meant to post. We have been going and doing non-stop since Tallis was born... from having family in town and friends visiting, adjusting to a family of four, tripping over boxes of stuff in the loft, painting and scheming [...]


Peace is found on a Sunny morning as our newest daughter lies snuggled at our chests, dappled by the sunlight filtering in through the blinds illuminating the pink softness of her cheeks. I am in awe of her newness. I am in awe of our comfort. This just feels right. Tallis Sierra Grummer 04.01.07 10:42 am 8lbs 11oz
Why is it that as I approach the end of this time being pregnant, I can’t help but feel this final stretch to be harder to endure than the months, weeks and days that are already behind me? I find myself swinging between anxious excitement and frustrated despair as I have been having prelabor for over two weeks. There are definite periods where activity increases- more cramping, more contract[...]


I believe this is an adequate representation of what our life is about to become. For one, I am due any day now with kid-0 #2. The chaos that will ensue with having a newborn and a 19 month-old is almost unfathomable. Parenting will continue to be one of the biggest and most rewarding challenges I will face. One that is a bit more familiar is what is depicted in the photo above- Remodel. Bui[...]

Passing the torch

I grew up over a mile high (in elevation) in Truckee, California. This is where I developed the passion for skiing and the love of the cold winter air. I miss Truckee primarily because of that intense passion for skiing and the outdoors. The only job that ever really impacted me on a deep personal level was one that involved working in the ski industry- I was a Ski Instructor for 6 years aft[...]

Etsy front page action

Esty has been such an awesome resource for beginning to sell some stuff that I have been making. I am always inspired and humbled by the level of craft and professionalism I see when I browse around. Although I have only had a shop for a number of months and have only sold about a dozen items, I have conversed with so many unique and cool people from all over. My work has gone to California,[...]

Baby Shower gifts

My wonderful friend Sara is having a little boy here soon- probably before we have our baby even though she is technically due several weeks after I am. Mustard yellow little Kimono with a wrap-around belt paired with a very lightweight natural linen/cotton blend pant. Charcoal grey exposed stitch snuggly hoodie.


It is hard to come to terms with the fact that the reality of my work is embedded so deeply in the dialectical relationships between the self and the built world. It is often an aspect of ‘work’ and ‘tasks’ grossly overlooked that the creation of a building is offered as a medium which the pastoral and the sublime call forth our desires, fears, hopes-everything external serving to evoke what lu[...]