Busy Girl

We have had two of our first major injuries this week- first she touched her hand to a hot surface and got a little burn on the back of her fingers then last night she was running downhill on a concrete sidewalk, tripped and scraped her nose. I am sure this will be the first of a long string of boo-boos with this little girl. Makes me realize how steeped into toddler-hood we are now and that I[...]


Someone requested a shot of my growing belly. Here it is accentuated in the convex pan which oddly resembles the morphing shape of roundness I am becoming. Perhaps you can also see Matt's inquiry as to why I was taking a break from doing dishes to photograph dishes; he wasn't seeing what I did. And in the spirit of bringing a bit more variety into these pages, here is my other favorite color: [...]
I have had several changing reactions over the last few days from Allison’s recent post, it has really been mulling around in my mind. Beyond the initial feelings of disappointment for Al and disgust of the fraudulent blatant copycat, as the comments have piled up I find myself reacting to many different aspects of this whole mess. Allison was the first blogger I actually had a real conversation[...]
Ever been to a gathering with a group of Architects? We had one last night here at our place with 7 friends from college who all moved north after graduation. Every single person was wearing black of some sorts. It quickly became a topic of conversation as in these circles it is commonly known, a monochrome, mostly black wardrobe it is the dead giveaway you are amongst designers. That night, ho[...]


Secrets in the making. I spent part of the morning laying out my pattern for the tote I am making for the One Hour Craft Tote Swap. Current rendition is in Chipboard, but this week it will morph itself into a finished product ready to be shipped off on the 10th to my swap partner, Kyla in Wisconsin. This bag has been designed for over a month now, not in anticipation of the Tote Swap, but beca[...]

Toy lust

Araiya and I were over hanging out at her playmate's house yesterday. He is the proud owner of an awesome wooden kitchen and a slew of wooden kitchen accessories. She was tickled beyond herself with this set of toys. I have had my eyes out for good used wooden food and kitchen toys for a while, as Araiya loves helping out in the kitchen. I came across this Barista set via Babystyle this mornin[...]

10 minutes

Breakfast took place in a grey void this morning. Our loft, which often times feels so much like a tree house, was enshrouded in dense fog; we could just make out the forms of trees and rooftops. In the 10 minutes it took me to upload photos to flickr, the blanket had burned off to another crisp blue sky day. I revel in the dynamics of the changing environment around us. Perhaps our perch u[...]


list -noun 1. A series of names, words, or other items written, printed, or imagined one after the other: a shopping list; a guest list; a list of things to do. 2. A stripe or band of color. The nesting instinct is setting in. At almost 33 weeks in this pregnancy, my mind is mulling over mental checklists of preparations and undertakings for the next Seven weeks. I wake up at least twic[...]


    This blog has been in the making 10 times over. As I have formed and reformed this many times, I keep thinking about the concept of surface. To me this blog is just one more surface that will be impacted and changed by the passage of time and life. It's properties are simple and straightforward and the change comes through impacts and interations with other surfaces and elements[...]