Bainbridge Island

When we first moved to Seattle Matt worked on Bainbridge Island for about a year and a half. Every day he rode his bike down to the Ferry Terminal, got on a boat, and spent 35 minutes crossing Puget Sound. As far as a commute goes, riding the ferry that serves beer and has free wifi is not bad at all. Way better than sitting in a single passenger car in traffic. As a new mom, there were many days [...]

Madrona Beach

There's nothing like Summers at the Beach. I will sheepishly admit this trip was our first time down to Madrona Beach this year. Really, we have little impediments- it's only like a mile and a half away, we live directly between two direct bus lines and there is ample free parking. The past few Summers' we've been here at least once a week, but sadly haven't been really doing much of anything. I'm[...]

Lake Chelan

A few weekends back we were invited to cross over the Cascades to the Eastern side of the state and go camping with some friends in the Lake Chelan area. Quickly we came to a new understanding: This is where Summer really lives in the Pacific Northwest. Yes, I've been to the Tri Cities & Spokane areas and often chide Matt how much his Hometown is akin to Reno/Sparks, Nevada, a place of sagebru[...]

Growing up fast

Thursday Morning Araiya came bouncing into our room. Matt was already out the door & 6:50 is far too early for me to be functional, let alone field issues of Daddy said vs. Mommy said. "Daddy is taking me on a Daddy Date to the Mall today and I'm getting my ears pierced!" She announces. Say what? She was pretty convinced, and we have said for over a year now that when she decides she is ready [...]

Film Still Rocks

Just in case you weren't convinced by my last post on the merits of why film still rocks: Color. Depth. Dimension. Richness. Swoon.

I heart Ebay

More than 26,000 garden gnomes were sold on Ebay in Canada last year. I however, have spent my online auction money on something far more nostalgic: This is a Contax 645 AF Medium Format FILM camera. It shoots FILM. Remember that stuff? This Film is 3 times the area of regular 35mm film and this camera body is roughly about the same bulk as my entire head. I've carried this bad boy aroun[...]
I don't know who Dylan is, nor why he is considered Daring. But Tequila and mexican chocolate, well those two mixed together sound mighty daring. This drink of the week is made possible because we just happened to have half a jug of leftover half-n-half. It was mighty tasty. Daring Dylan 1 shot Tequila 4oz Mexican Hot Chocolate*, room temperature Cocoa Powder squirt of lime Cinnamon c[...]
Araiya showed me some amazing drawings she was working on this morning. I asked her to explain them: "This is when God came to rescue us by dying on a cross," she began. I got chills. "Go on, I want to hear more." I told her. "This is Jesus on the cross. These are the women & Mary crying because they don't understand why Jesus is going to die, they don't know that Jesus is saving the whole [...]
Seattlites experience extreme mood swings between overly bemoaning our 2 weeks of annual sunshine and then becoming Vampires hissing at the photons the moment those precious rays hit our lilly white skin. Just two months ago activists were petitioning our Mayor for a nude beach. Really? Seattle + nude beach? Imagine that. A bunch of neekid people running around the shoreline while it's raining. Am[...]