Our girls are always cracking us up in how they explore this amazing world they live in. We were at Mt. Hood, OR this weekend, and it seems they had more fun in the parking lot outside the condo building than anywhere else. Praise God for kids being kids! Pia On Ice http://vimeo.com/53597279
I am really bad at keeping secrets. And holding onto this one for nearly a month has been really, REALLY hard. We are going to have a 4th child. But no, I’m not pregnant. So. Here we go, the big announcement: WE ARE ADOPTING A 5 YEAR OLD GIRL FROM EASTERN EUROPE And.. ummm.... Let’s just sit here in awkward silence for a minute while I gather my wits again and we will let this sink i[...]
A couple weeks ago we took the liberty of staying at a friends house in Hyak for the weekend. Friday afternoon Skiing at Alpental. It snowed about 4 inches in 45 minutes.  Matt took six laps up to Bills Bowl (little hike above Ingrids) and taught Friday night live and dug out the yurt before it collapses, and cocoa and sauna for the kids. Managed to plow the impreza out the driveway and down[...]


Watching my girls sleep is amazing. It brings me to a place of remembrance and place where I am grateful & rejuvenated. Sleep is pretty much the only time when they aren't going a million miles an hour. There is plenty of loud noise, yelling, giggling, running, crying, screaming with delight, bouncing off the walls, distributing all their stuff on the floor all over the house & drama which[...]

Growing up fast

Thursday Morning Araiya came bouncing into our room. Matt was already out the door & 6:50 is far too early for me to be functional, let alone field issues of Daddy said vs. Mommy said. "Daddy is taking me on a Daddy Date to the Mall today and I'm getting my ears pierced!" She announces. Say what? She was pretty convinced, and we have said for over a year now that when she decides she is ready [...]
Araiya showed me some amazing drawings she was working on this morning. I asked her to explain them: "This is when God came to rescue us by dying on a cross," she began. I got chills. "Go on, I want to hear more." I told her. "This is Jesus on the cross. These are the women & Mary crying because they don't understand why Jesus is going to die, they don't know that Jesus is saving the whole [...]

Daddy's Day

They say the way to a man's heart is through is stomach. I can attest to the existence of this elusive 6th Love Language- feeling love by means of Food. Surely it's obvious Matt feels cared for in many other ways, but there is utter enjoyment found in making special treats for him as I have managed to find a very amazing guy to marry who happens to gobble the vast majority of what I cook right up[...]
Oh, Pia. Pia is currently plagued by an insufferable (and incurable) case of the Youngest Child Syndrome. YCS is the injustice of being born last, an affliction which affects much of the population. Symptoms exhibited may include (but not limited to) the following behaviors by the child: Being obnoxious, an obsessive need to be the center of attention, being demanding, excessive use of tantrums wh[...]
The weather has been a bit of a surprise lately. Just when we get all geared up for cold, wet Fall, the sun decides to stick around. The residual blue skies and crisp warmth has been more than a pleasantly unexpected bout. In fact, the majority of next week too calls for partly sunny. The cool air still hangs, clinging in the shadows as a reminder this season is indeed here. But the dryness? A far[...]
I'm sure most people are borderline sick of hearing anything regarding Health Care. Actually I have been very purposefully silent on this site about this very big and serious struggle we've been carrying for the past year. I haven't even bothered to keep up nearly one bit with any of the Government run health care initiatives taking place in the current political environment. Honestly, I have expe[...]