Araiya :: 27 months

You are too funny kid. So funny, in fact, you crack your self up. Constantly. I asked the other night at dinner I asked who was funnier- Mommy or Daddy. Without skipping a beat and accentuating the response by throwing hands upwards you blissfully exclaimed, "RAIYA!" You laugh at things I don't understand, things in your head, in your vivid imagination. Your play is riddled with bouts of laught[...]

Safe toys

250+ Lead-free toys made in the USA Great article on the Daily Green with links to actual products at online stores. It is really nice to see a nice long, solid list of toys to actually buy rather than a long list of toys to throw away. So much of the news has been ahh! be afraid of more dangerous toys! don't buy anything!! How positive to see a useful article on where and how to consume toys for [...]
I am a huge fan of Fuzzi Bunz. They have served us well for over 2 years. Many online stores are having year-end clearances right now. Matt found these awesome resources for me and I thought I would pass them on: Fuzzi Bunz Second's Factory - $10 (solid colors), $12 (prints) ** inserts not included These are factory irregulars and slightly defected diapers. Heck of a deal, though. Fuzzi Bunz Sto[...]

Day Four

This has been our days- Araiya's limp body in our arms, her lethargic spirit too burdened by her body fighting illness to allow her any joy or spark, her usually bright eyes dully staring off to nothing. On a lighter note, we appear to be getting through the thick of it! Things are starting to look up, we are close to being on the mend. Poor little girl, this has been so rough on her. It's ha[...]
Veggie Tales. Araiya loves the cucumber! Still sick, hopefully on the mend soon. Until then my laptop is hijacked and we have seen Jonah a Veggie Tales movie more times than I care to remember.

Tallis at 7 months

What a month of change! Tallis' movements, her abilities, her teeth. It is amazing to see her continue to blossom and open up to the world around her. We have crossed over from the months of baby blob where she takes things in to the backslide of this first year where she truly begins to interact with the things and people she is surrounded with. Where to start? Crawling- my goodness this kid[...]

An anticlimactic evening

After signing off yesterday, our evening did not go as planned. Nope, it was, in fact, a complete wash. Araiya woke up from her nap, still sleepy and wanted to be held, so we sat on the couch for a few minutes. Then Tallis began to stir, so I put Araiya down on the Corbu chaise lounge to go tend to her. Ariaya stayed on the chaise for over an hour, unusually quiet as I got only about three words o[...]
The Scene: Sitting at the dinner table, eating Chili. We are talking about a birthday party we have been invited to tomorrow and potentially throwing a holiday party in December. Araiya pipes in: "Yea, Party! My party!" Matt: "Not a party for Araiya, a party for other friends." Araiya: "Yea, party for udder fwiends. Sasher. Birthday Cake." Matt: "Asher does have a Birthday coming up." Me: "Wh[...]

26 months

Araiya, you are a crack-up. I just have to laugh sometimes. Sometimes it isn't appropriate, like when she having a meltdown, thrashing arms and legs, head buried in pillow, then there is the slightest pause, so she can peek up out of the corner of her eye just to make sure I am still watching. I know, I shouldn't laugh, I should be serious parent telling her this is not the right way to ask for [...]